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Today, my boyfriend moved out and took all his things with him. He also took some things that didn't belong to him, namely my rent money. My landlord comes tomorrow. FML
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jonahwalzer 12

I would call the cops, or cant just let him do that


I think he did that on purpose.

Hey guys, looks like the new Season of Sherlock came early!

Thankfully #1 commented, I was still on the ropes if he took it on purpose or if the dog framed him.

#19 Private Oblivious reporting for duty

JMichael 25

Thanks to you #1 the mystery is solved, you pesky kid you. Where's Scooby so I can give him a congratulatory paw shake?

jazzy_123 20

Really? I never would have known. For a second there I thought maybe he took it by accident.

Leaving you wasn't enough. He also had to screw you over. :/

So track your (hopefully ex) boyfriend down and get that dough!!

jonahwalzer 12

I would call the cops, or cant just let him do that

I don't think calling the cops would work very well, in my mind it'll go something like " my boyfriend left me and took my money too, no I'm not just saying this because he broke up with me!" it's almost impossible to prove when cash is stolen, tough luck op.

What a jerk, call the cops and make report and show to landlord don't let him take you down to his level

That actually sounds easier than it is. The cops can't just take your word for it, someone has to be able to support said claim.

I believe that counts at theft. Report him.

Can she? If it's cash, would she have any proof?

Yes she can even if it was cash! Plus she just said rent money so really leave her alone! We don't need your rudeness, be funny like you did on number #1 plus I'm a cop so I think I know you can report it to police or even renters insurance it's theft if he was on the lease and burglary if he was not

It'd also implied that he stole more than just the rent money.

To me he was being rude and me as a police officer, would no a little more about the crime of any was committed! You have you right to your opinion all thew!

And maybe it wasn't rude in a different view! So thank you #31

dakotahulsey 15

It wasn't rude at all he was asking a question to see if it would even hold water. Idk what any of this has to do with you being a police officer.

Mr. Cop sir, I wasn't being rude. Next time, you should try to consider that a question doesn't imply someone being rude. Just because I had a reply like the one for #1 doesn't mean all of.mine will be like that. I asked a serious question about if it would be proof if it were cash. You got so defensive with your "I think I would know because I'm a cop", yet I had no idea you even existed until you replied to my comment. So I'm going to ask kindly that you learn to realize that not every question on the internet is sarcastic. There was really no way I can interpret my questions as sarcasm.

I thought that to be a police officer you actually had to know how to spell. Jrock.

Maybe thats why everyone has a right to remain silent?

olpally 32

Call the cops and have them hunt his ass down. That's no bueno. What a douche.

Or call #25. he might come in a jiffy unless he's hung over on his doughnuts and coffee.

LtBrenton 16

Well nobody specified whether "donuts" meant the edible kind or the smoke-billowing automotive kind... :p

Worst boyfriend ever. Call the cops on his ass

Hunter that ****** down and take what's yours.