By Anonymous - / Saturday 9 November 2013 20:41 / United States
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By  MidnaLink  |  31

I think he did that on purpose.


I don't think calling the cops would work very well, in my mind it'll go something like " my boyfriend left me and took my money too, no I'm not just saying this because he broke up with me!" it's almost impossible to prove when cash is stolen, tough luck op.

  jrock9093  |  18

Yes she can even if it was cash! Plus she just said rent money so really leave her alone! We don't need your rudeness, be funny like you did on number #1 plus I'm a cop so I think I know you can report it to police or even renters insurance it's theft if he was on the lease and burglary if he was not

  jrock9093  |  18

To me he was being rude and me as a police officer, would no a little more about the crime of any was committed! You have you right to your opinion all thew!

  ElricMustang  |  23

Mr. Cop sir, I wasn't being rude. Next time, you should try to consider that a question doesn't imply someone being rude. Just because I had a reply like the one for #1 doesn't mean all of.mine will be like that. I asked a serious question about if it would be proof if it were cash. You got so defensive with your "I think I would know because I'm a cop", yet I had no idea you even existed until you replied to my comment. So I'm going to ask kindly that you learn to realize that not every question on the internet is sarcastic. There was really no way I can interpret my questions as sarcasm.

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