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Today, in revenge for being grounded for bullying a kid at school, my eight-year-old son flung a handful of Lego in my path as I walked barefoot into the kitchen. I'm still in pain. 5ML
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That kid is brutal! Definitely deserves an old fashioned spanking for that

I think you may need to read that again


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Shouldn't be bullying anyone! Payback and karma go hand-in-hand

I think you may need to read that again

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I think you have the FML mixed up..

not that I'm defending here but i actually had to read it a couple times. anyway, i think op's kid needs something a little more than a grounding. imo

#1: Are you for real? I hope to God you don't populate.

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Ouch, stepping on legos is a horrible pain! Sorry OP!

Legos are the most devestating weapons of all time. You are lucky to survive

That kid is brutal! Definitely deserves an old fashioned spanking for that

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I get the fact that parents are bout a fan of spanking, but it sure as hell taught me!

Or go old school nun and break out the ruler. One rap on the knuckles can be quite effective, if my father and uncle are to be believed.

Resorting to violence is not the answer. Instead, talk to your child-" *gets bitched slap*

I agree. I would however make him stand outside with a sign that says something along the lines of "Im guilty of being a bully". I've seen articles about parents doing that when their children misbehave, and it seems to be effective. It humiliates them without physically hurting them.

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that just means that you are being a bully to your own child .. but since its. parent doing the bullying that means its ok

There's a difference between discipline and bullying/abuse. What she's talking about is discipline; if your child decides to be a disrespectful, rude prat, that s/he is worthy of a spanking. As long as a parent doesn't beat their child senselessly and give them long-lasting injuries, then I believe physical punishment is okay.

My mother was always a fan of using a wooden spoon.

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I got spanked as a child and THAT didn't hurt me or leave lasting effects. I was, however, also slapped in the face, shoved into walls hard enough to get whiplash (actually went to the doctor for that), etc... and THAT did leave an impression. I still live with my parents but I hate being around them because they've always got a snide comment.

i don't give a **** if spanking doesn't leave long lasting physical bruises. you people are sick and shouldn't have children. just cause you don't see the bruises doesn't mean it doesn't do something to them emotionally or mentally because it does and when they're older there will be a small if not big part of them that will resent you and like the commenter before me said may not make them trust you or want to be around you.

I was spanked as a child and have no resentment towards my parents. Calling us sick and unfit to have children is absurd; get the hell off your high horse.

#102, I was beaten as a child with many hard objects, quite frequently as I was a troublemaker, as did my brother (though not as much). It left absolutely no impression on me, I'm not dealing with depression or any mental disabilities people normally associate with this kind of "abuse". I still love my parents a great deal and respect them at the age of 15. Since you are also a fan of using the comments above, the other comments above you (while I don't know the whole story) have probably been beaten as a child and are perfectly fine with it. I also have a few friends that have taken a wooden spoon to the bum, and they make it clear that they still love their parents and have none of the mental or emotional problems you speak of.

@102 calling people names and being mean is bullying, and you shouldn't bully. Did you're parents not teach you this, or did you just not listen? Maybe a spanking would help to solidify this idea and straighten out your personality flaw, because being told this obviously is not enough for you.

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Yes 102, I'm obviously a sick person for raising my children how my parents raised me, even though I turned out perfectly and love my parents with all my heart. You're obviously a dumbass for thinking that a "talk" will get your kids to behave. If it didn't hurt them they'll just think it's funny and do it again.

Nice to see it taught you to be polite to people.

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I was spanked as a child and I'm still bitter over it at 28. My parents raised me "the way they were raised" to make me a good person. I grew up to be a "productive member of society" (never arrested, never on welfare, have a college education and a steady job) and you know what? I would've been better off with more constructive punishments. And if your answer is "Get over it!", screw you. I was a child, physically weaker and completely dependent upon my parents. I relied on them for everything in my life and they were the people that were supposed to always be there for me. So when I did something "wrong", they overpowered me through sheer physical force and caused me pain which I could not escape, and then expected me to go on with my life and continue loving them. The feelings of helplessness and the memories of the people who were supposed to love me holding me down and hitting me are still with me. It was ABUSE. Period. I will NEVER hit my children. I am more intelligent, experienced, and above all, patient than a child, so I can impose punishments that aren't abusive. If I have to resort to physical pain to discipline my children, then I have failed as a parent.

#102, To be fair, I think that no matter how you're raised, the general majority of people will be a complete prick to anyone who doesn't share their views and beliefs.

#138, I don't think you were spanked, I think you were abused. There is a difference. Also, if spanking is equal to failing as a parent, are you saying that centuries of parents before us have failed?

lmfao I'm a great student, and have never gotten in trouble with the law and that wasn't even a part of my argument. And no what I said isn't bullying it's stating facts. That is a CHILD, you are an ADULT. The adult is supposed to have more patience than the child and be able to control their kid in a mature way. Why don't you guys get off your high horse instead. I WAS ABUSED, not just a wooden spoon or a small spanking. I was thrown down, strangled, sat on to the point where I couldn't breathe because my parents thought that type of discipline would make me learn. It didn't teach me shit other than to not trust them. And before anyone starts saying why I didn't get child services or whatever involved its cause when I called the police they blatantly told me that my parents could do whatever they wanted if they thought I was misbehaving and that's bullshit. So yeah go ahead hit your children cause that's sooo gonna fix it all. My friends are great, school is great, my job is great, but I do have depression and an anxiety disorder because of what I went through when I was younger. Most of my friends are high honor roll and wonderful people with respect and great behavior but they didn't get that way cause their parents hit them when they were kids cause none of their parents did. So shove it.

boohoo cry me a river would you......this whole paragraph that you took the time to type out just explained that you were an emotional child and just couldnt take it.....parents punish us becayse they live us and dont want to see us hurt or in troible in any shape or form Im glad my mom spanked me and I dont not by any chabce resent my parents if anything I love them even more!

You were abused not ounished there is a difference between Abuse and Spankings why would you tell random strangers your sob story on a social media site where people with different ki ds of opinions come on!

Let me guess, you're going to send your kids to their rooms for an hour or some other shit like that. Cuz usually that doesn't work. And I'm guessing you weren't spanked as a child you were physically abused, there is a difference. If you were physically abused (beaten for no reason, sent to the hospital) then I'm sorry for that. But if you were just spanked (slap on the butt, or smack on the hand, or spoon the the butt/hand) then SUCK IT THE **** UP!! I was spanked before and it taught me not to make the same mistakes. While my friends who got sent to the rooms or got talked to about how their actions hurt others, did the same thing again and again because all they had to do was listen to their parents talk about how it made them feel or being sent to their room for an hour or so

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I'm not saying you weren't abused, it's very clear there was something sinister going on. But a simple spanking is not abuse. A spanking doesn't involve such horrible violence, if anything it's a last resort. I was spanked as a child and have no resentment towards my parents for it. I was given plenty of opportunity to behave myself and was only ever spanked if I refused any and all of those chances. One or two good swats is usually enough to calm anyone down. I may have hated it then but harbor no hard feelings towards them about it now. Unfortunately, for some children alternative forms of punishment don't work and their bad behavior continues.

I was spanked as a kid. I learned from it, never made the same mistake twice. I don't hold any resentment towards my dad for doing so. My dad stopped spanking me when I got in middle school because I was well behaved and didn't do anything to get in trouble. When I got to high school, my parents trusted me to the point where they didn't hesitate to let me go practically anywhere with friends or just go hangout; all they asked of me was to send them a text if I changed locations and to let them know if I planned on coming home that night. Long story short, spank only as necessary and you will get good results.

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I was spanked as a child. I do not resent my parents and the only result is I have a little thing called respect for other people

When I was a child I got spanked,and grounded and all the usual punishments, and I have turned out to be a normal member of society. But the fact that my parents would slap me in the face or hit me with a belt, that really hurt me, and not just physical pain, emotional pain, and I still resent them for it. So moral of the story is it's okay to punish your children as you see fit, just do not beat/abuse them.

When will you pull him over your lap and spank him? Oh and take his Lego away.

Not if he's bullying the kid physically. That'd be terribly ironic. But definitely take the Legos away.

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The devious tend to start young. Mold him into the future world dictator for me, would you, OP?

Now you have an excuse to extend the punishment!

Triple it at least. A grounding for the lego and an extra one for failing to learn from the first one.

Jeez....Few people live through that type of brutality. Hopefully you feel better and definitely punish your son for that.

& the award for the most tactfully executed revenge plan goes to *insert son's name here* Man is he cruel.

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Clearly you have never been hit in the nuts

clearly you have never stepped on legos before

I think shooting victims would disagree with that statement.

I once got hit in the nuts with a bag full of Legos.