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Today, I was watching my cousin shoot at targets on hay bales with his plastic pellet BB gun. After my sister asked him if it would hurt to be shot with one, my cousin smiled at her and said, "Ask your sister" as he shot me in the leg. I think my screaming was obvious enough. It hurts. FML
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bannamann 4

Looks like you have a dick fir a cousin

fml8396 0

Wow he's an asshole for shooting a girl in the leg!


fml8396 0

Wow he's an asshole for shooting a girl in the leg!

Would it have been any better if OP was a guy?

Did you then shoot him in the ass?

No it wouldn't be better if he had hit a guy, but it's illegal to shoot at people with BB guns because of the fact they CAN do damage. Many people have lost eyes from them. So it's not safe to do that. It was honestly a dick move.

iEatGuppies 0

better there than in the ass!

Have you heard of Airsoft? The gun in this FML fires plastic BB's, and therefore is an Airsoft gun. Airsoft is not illegal. It's like the pussy version of paintball.

brodie1709 5

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Plastic pellet bb really op you could have said all that in one word "airsoft".

Jewdazking23 5

She wasnt expecting it. when u hit ur head when ur expecting it doesnt hurt as much as when u turn a corner and someone hits u in the head. enough said

ducttapewallet 7

If you get a good airsoft gun it can hurt just as much as a paintball. I've been shot with a paintball from far enough away that it didn't even pop. Distance and power is key.

mrpipp 0

Don't be a pussy it was funny lighten up

Airsofts don't hurt. Still doesn't excuse his stupidity and dickishness though.

28, you r the ass. no one cares if its an airsoft gun or a Bebe gun. the bottom line is the a girl got shot. so just comment on that.

True, he probably shouldn't have shot a girl regardless. But it's the fact that shooting someone with an airsoft gun is not illegal while shooting someone with a BB gun is illegal

cali_dude 5

Her cousin is cool. I'm sorry.

cali_dude 5

Her cousin is cool. I'm sorry.

superangryandy 2

28- and nerf is the pussy version of airsoft.

pfx2_fml 15

All of you need to calm down, it's just a little kid, kids don't think any thing of it

pfx2_fml 15

All of you need to calm down, it's just a little kid, kids don't think any thing of it

Jewdazking23 5

Thats like shooting someone in the face then saying to him, "hey, better there then in the ass"

kevinfenchak1 0

>get shot with airshit gun, probably stings for a second or two >cry about it on the Internet Definitely an fyl, because you were probably brought up to be a whiny little baby and will be for the rest of your life. Also, it's not a BB gun, it's airsoft, which isn't even close to the same thing.

FatMan23 10

Actually, paintball is the unrealistic pussy version of airsoft. get it right.

ipeal2 7

Well OP was probaly surprise by it.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so a million comments saying that it doesn't hurt doesn't mean anything. What hurts to OP may feel like a mild discomfort to another person. What a douchebag move on his part, OP! Hope you feel better.

I've been hit by airsofts in different places. I've been popped in the back by a metal pellet with a high powered rifle from far away and it felt like being slapped hard by someone (as in, it had a dull sting, but no real OOMPH pain). I've hit my palm by a spring powered gun (plastic bb this time) and it stung like crazy. Something akin to bumping your elbow on something. I've also allowed my friends to shoot me in my calf and it ranged from mild itching to stinging. But pain? Unless you hit me in the front part of my body (i.e. anything from the shins to the forehead, including any part of the face/throat as front), I wouldn't really say getting hit by a BB warrants screaming.

I enjoy the favoritism between the sisters there. Why didn't he just show her how it felt if she wanted to know.

JurassicHole 5

I love all these comments saying "how much airsoft hurts" and all that crap. A gas powered airsoft gun or electric airsoft gun will sting, but most people get over dramatic and complain about it. Also, to people saying how unsafe it is to fire at someone cause of eye damage, etc (which is true)...he shot her in the LEG! He obviously was just messing around and wasn't going to shoot her in the face. OP you need to grow a pair (metaphorically of course) and realize that a little sting or boo-boo isn't worth complaining about or more importantly put as a FML. I'd feel for you if it was a pellet rifle or even an actual BB gun, but this is just airsoft. Tons of kids around here play with them in our neighborhood.

SW500 13

I beg to differ, I shot myself in the leg with a spring shotgun point to see if it was loaded in June. There's still a very much visible and noticeable mark as a monument to my dumbassery.

SookyTurner 4

#182 Wtf do you do, to be hit by all that shit man!!

Well I'm late but um depending which type of airsoft gun It would hurt. Remember you have electric airsoft gun which would not hurt or bury much. The you have CO2 airsoft gun which hurt like hell and break skin.

airsoft is the BETTER version of paintball because it does not leave massive welts that last forever, it is much cheaper than paintball, and it is much more than just run and gun style games.

I would have punched him in the face and shot him in both kneecaps as immediate vengeance.

I'd imagine it's the apprehension that made it painful, the few seconds before you know you're going to get shot are far worse than the actual sensation. At least, that's how I ended up not noticing two metal BBs embedded in my leg under my left ass cheek until getting an unrelated x-ray years later.

SailorSolaris 43

An air soft gun is not the same as a B.B. gun. B.B. guns fire small plastic/metal pellets and were designed to kill small game. An air soft gun fires compressed air. Not the same at all.

bannamann 4

Looks like you have a dick fir a cousin

He's something he doesn't have... I mean who does that?

OP's cousin, apparently.

OP should shoot her cousin in the nuts to make sure he doesn't breed...

So you're saying that ruining a persons life and ability to reproduce is equivalent to getting a welt on the leg? That's why an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

I just wanted to say that OP's cousin was really stupid and inconsiderate for thinking that inflicting pain to his own family could be something to laugh about just for fun. I don't like people who have no consideration for others. But I have to admit that my own comment was exaggerated and that doing so would only bring me down to his level and make me an hypocrite. My bad.

It brought you lower than his level.

Does no one else think that maybe OP's cousin is a little kid, like under 10? Kids at that age find it funny to slightly hurt their cousins and siblings.

Yeah, fucking Dexter maybe...

JurassicHole 5

64 - You obviously enjoyed a safe and sheltered childhood if the thought of a kid (or maybe young teen) causing the equivalent of a smack on the thigh sting, calls for a completely overboard approach. So if a kid steals some throws a pie at his cousins face are you gonna chop off his hand to make it fair? Seriously, growing up my cousins and I would constantly do stuff worse than this to each other constantly and always laughed about it after. Sure we had our cry baby cousins, but we never included them cause we knew they'd just start bawling. Before you say this is just me, most of my friends growing up as well as just common fact is this, "boys will be boys". Getting overly worked up isn't lowering you to "his level", the kids far above you when it comes to control. If he had just slapped her thigh would you have the same response? Grow up.

JurassicHole 5

Disregard the "steals some", I was going to use a different example and forgot to take it out. My bad.

Hahaha people like you baffle me! So because I think he is an unconsiderate douchebag for doing this I grew up in a cocoon? It didn't occur to you that maybe it's BECAUSE I grew up in a tough place with people that have no consideration for others that this behaviour makes me mad? Don't assume when you don't know. Have a nice day.

JurassicHole 5

True, I actually am a hypocrite as I've gone way overboard as well. Sorry for any offense, I guess things like this get to me, I hear things like this on FML and don't think it belongs. More like kid antics than an FML.

Well... You are what you eat!

Then cupcake, I'm healthy and fucking good.

Thanks Sherlock fucking Holmes.

markrs 0

Shot you in the leg...future rapist!

Yea that was definitely a dick move

What an ass!

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Take the bb gun and shoot him in the ass.. Or hit him in the balls with the gun. One of those should make him think twice next time. Karma's a bitch!

He wouldn't feel it clothing blocks 80% of airsoft shots

you're lucky they weren't steel

CHizzy963369 3

He is an asshole yes. But plastic bb's dont hurt that bad.

Amherst51 1

She most likely means air soft guns. Because those are plasic

dude put a shirt on, you're the smallest kid I have ever seen think he was buff. Just because you're so skinny your "muscles" show doesn't mean you're muscular.

Lol just because u aren't huge doesn't mean you aren't strong either.....

Daddymo 14

Abs on a skinny guy are like tits on a fat girl, they don't count. You haven't even got visible abs.

Sounds like somebody's jealous that they don't have abs and instead have man tits. You can't have muscles unless you work out so you're comment about abs on a skinny guy is pretty ignorant.

He's right airsoft is plastic bbs and they don't hurt much in the leg try taking one up the nose

#1 he's an asshole for shooting a girl, period. Whether it's in the leg or not

He's an asshole for shooting anyone, male or female. Period.

At least he didn't aim anywhere else!!!

The_Troller 14

Boobs* at least I would HOPE that op has more than one