By Innocent - 28/01/2012 13:40

Today, I came home to a furious wife and an answering machine message from a woman neither of us know claiming I got her pregnant. My wife won't believe she got the wrong number. FML
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guess you will have to wait 9 months to prove yourself

She calls back a week later after you get chewed out, " sorry wrong number"


Relationships are about trust, she will just have to believe you.

It would be hard to believe but not impossible to trust him when she's having a girl leaving a message on there machine, that's going to take work to fix and a whole lot of trust

Maybe his wife called and left a message as that woman and was playing a prank on him. Haha

If he was seeing this other girl he would have to be pretty dumb to give her his home fone number

55- it's phone*. There is no 'f' in phone -.-

47-...the **** are you smoking? That comment was horrendous. That Is all.

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*67 is to make your number private. *69 is to call the last number that called you. So I think he did mean *69. People on here jump on supposed errors way too quickly, making themselves look stupid in the process. Geez.

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105~ Its *69...Dumbass SMH! Its so funny when people try to be a smart ass & they end up looking like a "dumbass"

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Actually it's dependent on location

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Honestly, I thought he was talking about doing 69 on her. All this phone terminology is making me horny.

Maybe she was worried she would forget on the actual April fools day and wanted to get it out of way...

20- no, it's a Mitsubishi Lancer... Sigh* why did I even bother..

guess you will have to wait 9 months to prove yourself

Or simply call his own house and pretend that he is a guy that had sex with op's wife and forgot to use a condom

She calls back a week later after you get chewed out, " sorry wrong number"

She'll see it's a lie in a few months

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^With a side of who's the father?

85 its hard to get someone pregnant you don't know. Unless you have that low of standerds.... Or shes THAT hot

Obviously OP is not the father if she called the wrong house. Reading comprehension is taught in second grade isn't it?

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Yeah in a few months tests would show the baby looks nothing like. Still the situation would be just terrible…

That sucks! Is there anyway you can convince your wife that it's the wrong number?

Yeah. Call the angry wrong number woman back and have a conversation with her on speaker. :)

That's just peachy. Great way to be greeted when coming home from work! On the bright side when your wife figures out she's wrong, she's going to owe you a biggg apology! ;)

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How was she to know it was the wrong number? I wouldnt be calm in a situation like that, freaking out is more than appropriate if you believed your spouse got another woman pregnant. They should just call that woman back, have the wife listen as the husband clarifies that the woman had the wrong number if that were truely the case.

I dunno, maybe trust her husband more than she trusts the word of a stranger?

I agree that she shouldn't of flipped out. I would have personally called the woman back before he got home and asked her the mans name and such to clarify for myself. Why wait and seeth?

Call her back and let your wife hear who she is really looking for. Sucks to be her pregnant and reeling the person that over the phone.

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He should have used one of those Nike condoms