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Today, when I woke up I checked my phone for messages, only to hear a woman screaming that I have been sleeping with her husband and that she is sending her 'people' after me. I have never met said husband. I panicked for hours only to receive a call telling me she had dialed the wrong number. FML
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Well, at least now you know you're safe...unless she got the other woman's address confused with yours too...


Well, at least now you know you're safe...unless she got the other woman's address confused with yours too...

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Imagine the screaming woman's face afterwards.

"This is what happens when you **** a stranger in the ass Larry!" Big Lebowski reference? anyone? no? Ok...I'll go back in my hole now...

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I think I know this person... She posted a Facebook status about it yesterday! :o If it's not... Then still FYL, OP. ._.

Call the ******* police on that crazy bitch! I hate people who think cheating is a one way thing. They only blame it on the person their spouse was cheating with, rather than blaming it on the two of them. If your partner really loved you, he/she wouldn't feel the need to cheat in the first place. When I get married, if I ever catch my husband cheating, the first question I'll ask him will be," Did she slip and fall onto your dick?"

^ how do you know that the woman didn't blame her husband too? Yeah she was calling the other woman, but you don't know that she didn't try to murder her husband too...

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When keeping it real goes wrong.

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This is off topic, but I'm new to this app and I noticed ppl say 'message me if you want.' How do you message ppl on this app? Am I missing something?

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Thread jacking win xD And I believe there is some way to PM on the actual website, but they have never included that feature in the app (probably to keep lazy people from picking fights xD ) But to try to return the thread back to topic: Crazy bitches be crazy 0.o

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Change your number. Wouldn't want her to call again.

71- We don't know the full story behind the fml. My comment was just simply my perspective on the situation. Don't get me wrong, your view could be just as correct as my own. What I got from the fml, however, was that the wife was making the whole cheating episode one sided. Either way, CALL THE ******* POLICE! haha ;)-

Id like to see how that went xD "2 New messages. First message. 'Hey baby, it's your mom speaking, just wanted you to know that I love you and I want you to have a very nice day!' End of message press one t- *OP presses 1* "Next Message. 'LISTEN BITCH, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD SLEEP WITH THAT OLD USELSS SCUMBAG!!! GET READY HOE, CUZ MY PEOPLE ARE COMING TO KICK YOUR ASS!!' End of message." xD

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Sorry 70.. Its actually funny and you're just an a**hole who can't take a joke.. Shut your mouth

Why not just call her back and tell her she was wrong? would've saved you the stress.

Would you really call someone back who said they were going to send 'people' after you?

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It was probably just a scare tactic.

I don't honestly think the wife would have believed her even if she had...

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Talk about a shitty way to start the day...FYL

You know...this is one of the few instances where that comments is totally appropriate.

Wouldn't that count as threat or harassment, regardless or not you actually slept with her husband?

I believe it would be assault. Anything causing you to fear for your wellbeing is classified as assault.

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Some threats do the same thing...

Indeed. Fake politeness, obtain information, charge for assault, instant satisfaction. Everybody wins! The husband gets to keep screwing around, the screwee gets to keep screwing the husband without the psycho idiot wife after her and the wife gets the opportunity to learn what happens when you act like a total bitch.

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um spelling police need to go away. giving people thumbs downs because they spelt something wrong. you ought to be ashamed of yourselves

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Now who did she meant to call then? This will forever remain a mystery to me...

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The other women who was actually banging her husband is who she meant to call

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She didn't meant to call someone else, but she did MEAN to call someone else.

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*67 her everyday with some creepy message itll be funny

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mrs. claus can get like that. after all, her husband has the ability to visit billions of homes in one night, so she has a right to be like that. but watch out though, i heard the elves carry shotguns.

Those reindeers' antlers are used for more than just for show.

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Fun Fact: Santa Claus would actually need 370,00 reindeer in order to carry all presents.

Yeah, but. The reindeer in question are magical. * troll face *

Fun fact: Each of the reindeer need to have 37,900,876,100 horse power in their legs to be able to fly to be able to carry all those presents.. Or for short, 1 reindeer power.

But Santa is magical :'( childhood = over