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Today, I found out my wife is pregnant. She hadn't even called me; I saw the news on my Facebook news feed. FML
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It's sad that technology has become this interfering with our lives.

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if she didnt tell you, are you sure you're the father?


It's sad that technology has become this interfering with our lives.

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She probably just wanted to surprise him when he comes home but posted in FB out of excitement

Yeah 13 but that's pretty awful that you wouldn't at least call your spouse if you couldn't wait until they got home. People used to wait until they were a couple of months pregnant to tell anyone. Now the second they miss a period the news is on Facebook.

So true car crash (huh? Lol) my friend(not really but don't know what else to call her) has been "pregnant" about 15 times the last 2 years. If she misses it by a day she posts it on Facebook.

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On the bright side, Congratulations! Don't worry about not being told right now, just be happy that you're gonna have a child! :)

No. It's sad that she didn't feel her husband deserved to be told separate of the rest of their family and friends. Same thing could and would have happened without tech she would have gathered family and friends and told them all including him "btw having a kid" It's about her lack of seeing the need to tell him privately not whether or not a technology exists that can tell everyone quicker than a letter or a phone call.

Maybe you should check your facebook more often, you might have known sooner ^^

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38 is right; OP should have been told by his wife in person. Many FMLs are just about failing to communicate.

Or his wife could start being an adult and talk to people directly?

Or his wife could have just called him, married couples need communication when it comes to these types of things.

I think the ^^ is devil horns, meaning she intended it sarcastically. Even with handrails for the humor impaired some people just can't understand sarcasm.

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if she didnt tell you, are you sure you're the father?

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The gender isn't being shown. So I'm pretty sure you don't know if it's a woman or man

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Dude Ops is the father read the fml better

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I didn't think about that my bad

If the OP is a "married lesbian" like some are suggesting, then who the hell is the wife ******* to get pregnant? **I going to say it's safe to say the OP is male.

It could be a sperm donor, but she just didn't tell her significant other.

This may be true but then it'll be a planned pregnancy. So the OP should be expecting good/bad news about the outcome by asking her how things are going.(:

BunchieRules 31

24 - I never thought about that, but wouldn't OP have mentioned if they were a lesbian couple? That would make things a bit more suspicious...

47- Like I said, the wife mentioned could have kept it a secret from her significant other to make it more surprising.

Why are so many people playing such a eloborate guessing game when in all likelyhood the OP is a male or this wouldn't be such a FML? Oh the OPs wife could have been abducted by aliens and artificially inseminated there... That's definitely what happened! *eye roll*

And the app I'm using it doesn't state a gender... It's probably defaulted to "miss" as it was defaulted in location to "France" as location when the iPhone app came out...

My app doesn't state gender and says the OP is from Arizona. And no Year of birth.

62 - that's because your app is looking for the person signed up to FML as "mystery" for their username and is not the anonymous user who just wrote "mystery" in the name box when submitting the FML...

Aren't you all over thinking this a tad bit?

Um what lmao "i found out my WIFE is pregnant.." a girl can't get a next one preggo honey not to mention I'm not even sure if marriage between two men/women is legal in AZ yet

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Wow is this really what's happening to the world?

Man, you need to sit down and talk to your wife about communication. Good luck with your child.

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Comment, "Who's the baby's daddy? Obviously it isn't me, since you told Facebook instead."

CONGRATULATIONS!!! no body else wants to say it.

You guys said it at the exact same time.

16 - no, you said "congrats." "your" wrong

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i guess that's your father's day gift

You know, you may be on to something. Perhaps the wife did want to surprise the OP as a Father's Day surprise and just said it on Facebook for..... God knows why? (I don't own a Facebook, 'cause the horror stories scare me) :P