By Ellen - Norway
Today, I was browsing a website where you can talk to strangers anonymously, when I met a guy I really hit it off with. After talking for two hours, we decided to keep in touch, just in time for me to hit the "Next Person" button by mistake. There's no way to undo it. FML
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  deathcab7  |  0

what if it was just like a 12 year old messing with you, or a 60 year old whose so desperate , he has resorted to anonymous chatting sites. creepy either way.

  deliciouscake  |  3

Today, I was on talking to a fat chick. I played along for two hours, I was about to tell her my friends address, when all of the sudden she leaves. I can't even get a fat chick.

  ArguablyEpic  |  0

thing is everyone has webcams on the site... so unless there was a forty year old dude on the cam. so you can't really lie... and if it's not the person on the screen talking. then gtfo. lol

  pitbullmom  |  0

with Chris Hansen? and the decoys always have sweet tea? lmao those are awesome, especially when the same guy showed up twice! but seriously op he was going to rape th butt!

  MQ_was_here  |  0

LOL. I was just reading about that site in TIME magazine as I read this FML.

And it's not a chatting site, it's one where you turn on your webcam and video-chat. How the he'll do people do that? =/

  BMaC101  |  0

Today, I was talking to some ugly ass person on a website. She then hit the next person button. Apparently I am not good enough to talk to an ugly chick. FML