By Ellen - 26/02/2010 19:58 - Norway

Today, I was browsing a website where you can talk to strangers anonymously, when I met a guy I really hit it off with. After talking for two hours, we decided to keep in touch, just in time for me to hit the "Next Person" button by mistake. There's no way to undo it. FML
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iTiger_fml 0

I want to see an FML from his point of view.


Seriously! Dont trust random chat people.

iTiger_fml 0

yea I thinking the same thing, but hey wanna stay "in touch?"

it's true - I were actually watching a program on catching sexual predators....they had a decoy and everything :D so good.

gorillaz_fml 0

yeah it could of been an old guy

Or something else would have gone wrong. The odds were against you.

what if it was just like a 12 year old messing with you, or a 60 year old whose so desperate , he has resorted to anonymous chatting sites. creepy either way.

#9- “And while we're at it, can you give me your full name, address, social security number, and credit card information?”

deliciouscake 3

Today, I was on talking to a fat chick. I played along for two hours, I was about to tell her my friends address, when all of the sudden she leaves. I can't even get a fat chick. FML.

lmao! I don't understand this whole "Internet boyfriend" fad that's going around... Does anyone met people in real life anymore??

Oh noz! My creepy Internet soulmate is gone for good!!

84.32% of the stuff on chatroulette is stuff you don't want to see.

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Yeah it's good that this happened. who knows. Maybe he's a 50 Year Old fat guy living in his moms basement. you can never trust anyone on the Internet!

chatroulette is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.

asianwolf 2

does the above give you a hint about what is happenning?

thing is everyone has webcams on the site... so unless there was a forty year old dude on the cam. so you can't really lie... and if it's not the person on the screen talking. then gtfo. lol

Fabby_fml 2

The internet is 90% fat 45 year old men looking to rape teenage girls, didn't you know?

omegle is ****** up. I can never go on with out some horny guy asking about my pussy.

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@ 79 are you part of that 90% group?

um 13 its call to catch a predetor on mnbc

I don't have NBC, I watched it on Sky 3 (England), but yeah, that's it:)

cincyboy 0

he was probobly a serial killer

timk_fml 2

What's wrong with 12 year olds??? :D jkjkjk

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go out there and find some real ass!! =D

ajmint 1

You have to click twice to confirm (assuming you are talking about

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with Chris Hansen? and the decoys always have sweet tea? lmao those are awesome, especially when the same guy showed up twice! but seriously op he was going to rape th butt!

Don't you remember his name? Or was he the first one to talk to? Next time look before clicking!

asianwolf 2

his name was Michael Jackson (omg he is actually still alive!)

Fail Asian. OP is a girl, that wouldn't work out.

how would it not work out?...I don't get it...

MJ only went after little boys. that's the joke lol

it's called Omegle ( or if it's not it's a site EXACTLY how she described it )

wintamint101 7

why the hell would you keep in touch, he's probably a pedophile

iTiger_fml 0

Hahaha... You are NOT meant to keep in touch with people from Chat Roullete.

LOL. I was just reading about that site in TIME magazine as I read this FML. And it's not a chatting site, it's one where you turn on your webcam and video-chat. How the he'll do people do that? =/

Yeah but I meant it's not via typing. oh and hell* (Auto-correct)

Belief_fml 0

It's ok, he probably feels way worse than you.

how would he feel bad he's probly just like WTF?

I want to see an FML from his point of view.

Today, I was talking to some ugly ass person on a website. She then hit the next person button. Apparently I am not good enough to talk to an ugly chick. FML

there is no point to relationships so hopefully youve learned now

Wow... way to be a 15-17 year old emo kid. The sad thing is exactly how steriotypical that comment was. Stop being a sheep. That is all.

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@ #7: Haha, thanks for the laugh. CRAAAAAAWLING IIIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIIIN

190- Way to sound thirsty. Grow some lady balls and message him yourself.

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poor guy your a little bitch and ended the conversation

i sometimes do this, but not in conversations. i sometimes do it on websites like lolcats. FYL

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by any chance was OP on chatroulette?

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already said that your kinda late

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it wuz me!!! lol I remember u ur favorite color wuz rainbow and u like unicorns lol jk ha ha ha but really it could have been me :|