I'm on fire

By Jyocka - 26/04/2011 22:25 - Canada

Today, on a first date, I finished eating my sushi, feeling proud to have managed chopsticks so elegantly and then rubbed my eye, oblivious to the fact I had just touched some wasabi. What followed was a classy exhibition on how to jump around screeching in pain. FML
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Dudelike89 8

I predict this relationship will last.

congrats, you're officially a jackass (sarcasm)

If you were so "elegant" with the chopsticks, you would not have needed to touch the wasabi with your fingers!

yay, Wasaaaaaabii!!!!! (Annoying orange =D)

Wasabi as many of us are used to is just dyed horseradish. Real wasabi is derived from the wasabi root, which is quite expensive. Due to its high cost, most establishments use the dyed horseradish.

on a side note thats nocturne : D! nice pic!

#21 thank you for the very smart ass lecture on... wasabi.... and i agree. i hate that shit too.

21, its that smartass mailman from the show cheers!

maybe their date was impressed by this graceful screaming in pain thing. you just never know

pinkp909 8

ahahaha yes that definitely could be a possibility.

This is why you should always wear an Eyepatch on each Eye for a first date.

missy_lynn012 0
Pizzamaster 0

ouch! I know how that feel lol