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By Herbiee - 18/08/2010 12:01 - United Kingdom

Today, I shaved off the beard I had been forced to grow over the past 3 weeks due to forgetting my razor when away. Fifteen minutes in, with half my beard gone, I realised I had got a tan everywhere but my beard. I now have a large white patch on my face. FML
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Why didnt you just buy a disposable razor while you were away? Laziness/cheapness YDI

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It didn't occur to you that you could just buy a new one while away? and they say Americans are dumb.


Why didn't you buy a razor while you were there?

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wow he probably didn't consider buyin one while he was gone

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stop saying first. hate that crap. Op should get a chin wig.

Lmao. I really can't think of a solution. Other than the previously mentioned chin wig. :)

Tan lotion on the beard n sunblock on the face?

#16 Or he could put a murkin (a wig for the pubic area) on his face...It's probably just about the right size and shape. Heh heh. :P

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Well, you didn't think there'd be one? Seriously? Kinda like shaving your head bald. It's gonna be noticeable.

it's funny because you don't have a tan under your beard so it looks weird

lol. where the heck were you that there were no stores or razors? on the plus side the tan will even out quickly.

I question why pubic wigs exist in the first place. x)

#32 I already have a nerd of my very own. #36 I know, right? So ridiculous. :P They make some of them in crazy neon colors. (Oh Google, you teach me things I never thought I'd know...)

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I wish I never read that. I'm inevitably gonna have images in my head. D;

FYL for forgetting your razor. YDI for having a beard.

Um, does anyone else's iPhone app crash when reading 51's ridiculously long comment?

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nothing a beach can't take care of

sometimes but they should really update the FML app since after a comment, the keyboard stays there!

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your pic is the funniest and cutest ever... l heart kitties

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haha, that's actually pretty funny.

Funny just funny. It's stupid- you could have bought a razor, unless you were off camping for 3 weeks, but eventually the tan will fade. Just don't do anything really dumb like trying a fake tan to cover up the white to be half oompa -loompa

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lol, reading comments and came across #88 pic with andy sixx! bvb ****** rocks! wow, this comment has NOTHING to do with the OP. sorry. nr

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i dnt care bout the FML cause its no big deal. i just wanted to say HELL YEAH to #88 cause andy sixx and the bvb ****** rock!

23- really? lol I've seen pubic hair dye but not pubic wigs XP

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should have bought a razor when you realized you forgot it. ydi

YDI for shaving off the beard you had been forced to grow over the past 3 weeks due to forgetting your razor when away. 15 Minutes in, with half your beard gone, you realized you had got a tan everywhere but your beard. You now have a large white patch on your face.

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dude just grow it out again shouldn't take that long

A chin wig!!! I lol'd SOOOO hard at you!!! :D

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me too op. accept mines a chinstrap tanline

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91/92- it's awesome that someone knows who Andy is! I sent you a message so we can talk without clogging the boards. :)


Why couldn't you just buy a new razor?

he just needs a beard hat, he won't stand out, and ya-daaa no FML.(: (yeah beard hats are real, just go google image it)

23 why do you know about pube wigs? lol that's disturbing

wow 110 You're so lucky you got to meet andy sixx:)

OP could've been camping, or maybe needs a certain type of razor for his skin. Maybe he's wise in the Art of Manliness and shaving with anything but a straight razor is below him. Or maybe he just didn't have to shave, so he didn't bother to go buy a razor.

OP could simply get a tinted (i.e. skin colour) spf-protection moisturiser his face shade and simply apply it all over. it'll all look even if the shade is right and most brands have at least 5 shades. most people have blotchy faces without tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Why didnt you just buy a disposable razor while you were away? Laziness/cheapness YDI

then maybe you should tan your whole face to make it even

Go outside and tan the rest of the face the best you can. This situation really isn't anyone's fault but your own, sorry! You probably could have bought a cheap razor while on vacation just to last you until you got home.

A murkin?? hahahahaha!!! Who in the world do you REALLY thinks wears those? Skeery thought!!! :}