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Today, I turned in an essay about a book I'd read over the summer. My teacher later called me to her desk and began to gush about how interesting the book sounded and asked to borrow my copy. The book I wrote about isn't real, and the main characters are named after my childhood pets. FML
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Maybe you have a natural talent in writing. You should look into writing an actual book

OfficialEarth 12

Looks like it's time to write a book


Sorry OP, been there, done that. Although I've never had that last bit happen. I'm going to have to say YDI on this one

Maybe you have a natural talent in writing. You should look into writing an actual book

More likely that the teacher suspected OP made the whole thing up and was messing with OP. I mean, the teacher most likely did a google search to see if the book existed, and after not finding it, decided to put OP on the spot.

You definitely should make that story into a book!

Agree with 11. Teachers aren't that stupid. Google isn't that difficult and teenagers are not nearly as slick as they think they are. I'll never understand the lengths some people will go to in order to avoid a simple assignment. Just read the damn book. It would've been much easier (and smarter) than making up something ridiculous.

well to be fair my english teacher didnt read any of the papers she graded because half the honors class BSed it and got 100s on almost everything.

I used to just watch the movies whenever possible. Until I learned, the hard way, that 'based on' isn't quite the same as a film adaptation of a book.

66-- touché. I will concede there are bad/lazy teachers out there. I do know some.

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Time to become an author OP...

ya but he better hurry if this teacher wants it soon

Tell her you got it at a library. When you were on vacation

And the only remaining copy is written in welsh, transliterated into cyrillic

Tell your teacher its a book you have been working on.

If you had time to come up with such an amazing essay, one would think you'd have time to read a book.

You must be an amazing writer, just confess to your teacher, it won't kill you

Pretty sure she knew you faked it, and was doing that on purpose ... Teachers are smart like that.

It would have taken her 10 seconds to Google the title. She totally knew. :)

The teacher probably already knew. *Admiral Ackbar voice* It's a trap!

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Two possibilities here. Either you have a talent for writing or your teacher is very cluey and was trying to call your bluff.