By GuitarChick42 - 04/04/2009 18:15 - United States

Today, I thought I heard my little sister playing on my brand new grand piano. Angry, I ran downstairs to stop her. My parents were having sex. On my piano. FML
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You'd think they'd at least have the courtesy to wait until no one else is home before screwing somewhere where anyone could just walk in!

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atleast it wasn't ur Dorset playing it

age was never mention, so this could definately be true. But if it's not it would still suck if it ever happened.

231: god you're stupid. maybe they were visiting?

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#231 a lot of young people are on this. Like even 10 year olds are on this app. I'm 15 so I guess I'm too young??

or maybe some people just don't want to move? don't ask me why, in 2 years I'm bustin out of my parents house and joining the marines, but maybe he/she wanted to stay

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it looks like the piano (puts on sunglasses) wasn't the only thing your parents were playing

I wonder what song they were playing?

It could have been a birthday or Xmas present, idiot.

disregarding ur parents having sex on the piano... since it's ur grand piano ur sister can't touch it even if ur all the way upstairs? learn to share princess..

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well now we know why they bought it ^.^

thats were Microsoft got the idea for sticky keys

or 231 she's a teenager with a lot of cash

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No, just no. it sounds like OP is around teenage years and she suspected that her sister was playing on her piano which her parents probably brought.

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How is that even possible...?

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# 270, the sister may have been really young, hence the sex sounding like her sister "playing". Would you let a young child bang on your piano?

Not something you woukd ever wish to see

I'm a ten year old but I have the maturity level of an adult, (hence my name, the name of a murderous 200 foot tall demon from hell)

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Seriously? If they bought it and don't want their sister touching it, then that's their choice. God.

Wait, you have your own piano but your name is Guitarchick?

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Dude that's jsut sick ^ and maybe she likes music

You'd think they'd at least have the courtesy to wait until no one else is home before screwing somewhere where anyone could just walk in!

My parents are horny... Too horny. They have gone at it (i caught them in the act by accident) while ive had friends over.

LOL, if they bought it they can abuse it.

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what if it was either A: a gift from someone else (and not her parents) or B: something op saved up for themselves? ???

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not to have sex on. that's just stupid annoying and makes no ******* sense at all

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I agree! ugh I'd sell the piano...

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and without their permission...I'd be soo pissed, they need to get a room!!