By bobbeta30 - United States
Today, I spent five dollars on a virtual cat. FML
bobbeta30 tells us more :
i'm the OP, I just stumbled upon this FML after over 4 years.. I'm pleased to announce that I've moved on from spending $5 on virtual cats to over $300 on virtual anime girl cards. and I have 2 real cats now. don't let your dreams be dreams, guys
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  thenomad  |  7

At least you have something to show for the $10 spent. Mind you, it's only an electronic keychain. With a virtual pet, one can spend a lot of money and have absolutely nothing to show for any of it once they grow tired of it.

  TS13_fml  |  0

pet shop apps maybe? I can't stand those apps I tried it and all it ask for is for you to pay about $24 for at least $10 worth of money in the game

  boofgall  |  16

They could be living with other people who are allergic, or there could be a no-pet policy.
It's not about the general care of the animal, but more so the living area.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

It's not that simple. You still have to pay for vet bills, pay for food, deal with litterbox, any responsible owner should drop money on having the pet chipped even if it's an indoor only pet, etc. Heaven forbid the little animal gets sick or injured.. etc.

Most pets are very expensive.

  Pelreskovich  |  11

I'm speaking in comparison to other animals.. You don't HAVE to let a cat outside to do their business, don't have to litter train them in most cases they learn extremely fast.. I wasn't speaking expen$e wise.

  _Oblivion_  |  12

cats arent bad at all, mine is a bermese and it is very good. Almost every animal needs shots,getting it's balls and vagina cut off, and food. But to me they are easier to maintain

  HahaYDI  |  0

I'm allergic to cats yet I have two of them as the allergies don't really bother me too much. they aren't a lot of maintenance, however feeding them can be expensive in the long run. Not everyone can afford that kind of responsibility.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

84 - They don't cut off their vagina. That doesn't even make any sense. Also, if I could have somehow avoided neutering my cats I would have. They're just not the same anymore. It's pretty cruel to do, but I suppose if it wasn't me, it would have been somebody else. Overpopulation of cats is a problem, but there's got to be a better way to solve it than to mess with their natural behavior.

  deviable  |  9

A cat's sex drive alters the cats personality, and neutering or spaying get rid of that, it's not that it changed them, it's that they are acting like themselves without a biological clock dictating how they feel. Female cats in heat often feel pain, and male cats are more aggressive. Also spaying and neutering has many health benefits for a cat and extends their life span. So to get to my point, there is absolutely no reason to not fix your cat unless you are a breeder.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

139, It might extend their life span, but at what cost? My cats and most others who have had the procedure are noticeably lifeless and lethargic. Going by the reasoning of neutering simply meaning not acting according to a biological clock, then why don't we free ourselves of that restraint as well? It might be beneficial to us to limit the animals' aggression, but that is their natural behavior. It's like trying to justify a procedure that tames any other naturally agressive animal, like lions, or bears.

  mezochan  |  29

I've owned a neutered cat and a cat that never had the procedure done (roommates thought it was cruel). Difference in personalities? Not much. I had my cat neutered at 6 months and my roommates cat was 8 months. They both still played like usual, they were hyper and always getting into things. Now they're both lazy, but that's because they're almost 3 and have pretty much chilled out. Though my roommates cat still sprays and bites off whiskers for dominance...

  Sonfang  |  19

143- cats each have their own personalities. I have three and they l have been "fixed", and they all act differently. One is psycho (she is a calico), one is still a b*tch and dominate (she's Siamese), and the oldest is chill and laid back. Besides it can help break habits that attract mates, for example my youngest (the calico) used to pee everywhere, she would rarely use the litter box until she got "fixed." Being "fixed" they go outside (in our back yard) and they are not constantly searching for mates, or yowling at other cats, they play and chase one another.

  kaykay20  |  0

I adopted one and he's not easy to handle. Yeah he poops in his litter box but he gets a attitude like no other and have the marks to prove it. He's cute and nice when he wants to but by far the hardest to handle cat I've had. If your not patient or firm a young adult cat is definitely not one you should get.