By Anonymous - 19/10/2013 05:34 - United States - Escondido

Today, my boyfriend sent me a nude picture. I would have been fine with it if he hadn't taken it in his ex-girlfriend's room. FML
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Hopefully it was an old picture?

JMichael 25

What a dumbass. Kick his ass to the curb OP.


JMichael 25

What a dumbass. Kick his ass to the curb OP.

perdix 29

#1, yeah!! He didn't have the decency to invite you to the three-way!

Seriously. You should nonchalantly ask when he took that picture. If it's recent kick that trash to the dump where it belongs.

Everyone is always like "dump him". That advice is the first reasonable one I've read on FML. Thank you for being sensible.

perdix 29

#41, oh, you're welcome. I didn't know anyone found threesomes reasonable. They're just fun ;)

Awko taco

Hopefully it was an old picture?

That was my first thought, that maybe it's an old picture. That'll probably be his excuse when she confronts him whether, it's true or not.

Or maybe he was thinking "I'm still thinking about my main baby even while I'm chillin' with this old hussy", as a weird way to show loyalty.

If OP has Ios7 she may be able to see when, and even where, the picture was taken. Quite creepy, actually.

Hey ghost, men have certainly done dumber things.

etoilenuit 15

Even if it was an old picture it's weird that he sent his girlfriend a pic that he probably took for his ex.. And if he's in her room naked, she was probably there as well. So either way, he's a dumbass.

hooligyn123 18

Upside: you can look at photo details on almost all cell pics sent to cell phones, which will include fancy things like resolution, flash use and... time and date stamp.

I hope he's just using old pictures, otherwise you should be his new ex-GF

But why does OP know what their bf's ex girlfriends room looks like?

I'm assuming it's the pink walls and Justin Bieber posters.

Haha probably :)

she could be friends with his ex girl friend?

Dump him.

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

No, it might have been an old picture or some other explanation. Talk to him about it OP.

There's always one

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I have an old picture of me wearing nothing but a mustache and I reuse that all the time. I'm all like, "Hey girl, check out my 'stache." And they're all like "Who the **** are you!? Why do you keep sending me naked mustache pictures?" And then I'm all like "Yeah baby, that's a 'stache and a half, wink wink." Moral of that tid bit is.. Grow a mustache. ;€ )

@59, you seem to always make my mornings. I sometimes purposely scroll through the comments to see what kind of random stuff you said along with some others who comment witty things.

Was it a recent picture? What if it is just old... If not you should straighten him out or break up.

Yes, straighten him out.... With an iron... To the face.

Someone just won the dumbass scumbag of the award!

That is by far the most disturbing fml. Leave that mf

If you have to use an adjective as strong as 'disturbing' to describe this FML, then you clearly haven't been on here very long.

I am not so sure about that buddy.

How did you know it was his ex-girlfriends room? Unless she was in the background..?

MermaidAnnariea 10

i've been in my boyfriend's ex's room a few times. they're still friends and her and i are okay now (6 years ago she hated me for "stealing her man"). he only hangs out when i'm around, but i don't even worry about her in that way. she's happy in her relationship and my bf is happy with me. she's really cool now that she's not telling my boyfriend he should leave me for her. so i'd know if a nude picture was taken in her room. and i'd be pissed.

Maybe his ex is her friend.. Or was her friend

Why do you know what his ex-girlfriends bedroom looks like?

Maybe their friends?

MermaidAnnariea 10

no, 11 has a legitimate answer. i've been in my boyfriend's ex's room before because we all hang out every once in a while. they're still friends, and they always hang out with me too.

perdix 29

I think you're the ex-girlfriend now.