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By  debbster7  |  18

Suffering from an anxiety disorder myself, I know how hard it can be to deal with a panic attack. I'm curious though. What made you think about being on tv I'm the first place?

  \  |  28

OP probably takes comfort in the fact that his/her face and identity are concealed on FML...

By  Croooow  |  11

Once in a public speaking class I took, the very first day, we had to approach the front of the class and stand there as if we were going to give a speech. I nearly fainted. I was getting gray around the edges of my vision. So I feel you. Then later that semester a girl giving an informative speech about a heart condition passed out due to said heart condition. Very effective speech, that.

By  perdix  |  29

Are you scheduled to appear on TV? If so, that is understandable. A doctor can prescribe some anti-anxiety drugs to help you, or you could just get drunk.

If you are waiting for the Publishers' Clearinghouse to come to your door with an enormous check, you're nuts!

  SmokinGuns  |  13

OP should get high, not drunk. Atleast if they're high they'll be in a good mood and not make a complete fool out of themselves when they stumble on stage.