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Today, I was reading my students' Halloween stories I made them write for my creative writing class in high school. One of my students wrote about attacking me. She got my street address perfect and everything. FML
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As long as she doesnt do anything then it should be fine. Was the story good at least?

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As long as she doesnt do anything then it should be fine. Was the story good at least?

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You wanted a halloween story, halloween story = scary You got what you wanted stop crying YDI In least the student knows how to REALLY scare someone = A* O and this is officialy the THIRD comment on this FML

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If the story was good, it should get an "A." However, the kid also needs to be reported for disciplinary action. Sorry, but writing a story about attacking the teacher is bad news and can't be ignored. The kid COULD have written a story about fictional characters. Making it the real teacher with the real address may be cute to the kids, but in this day and age just isn't funny, and should be dealt with.

I like this comment. "Well you'll be fine as long as she doesn't actually attack you!" Really, now?

Correct address implies she has been spying/stalking and may actually do something awful. Then again it also depends on the teacher. There are some teachers whose addresses everyone knows.... it's some unexplainable student thing.

Correct address means she's been doing her homework. I bet it did make the story a lot scarier...

Your student is a good writer, you want a horror story. What do you get? a story that is targeted to the reader, you. The kid should get an A.

Who wants to wait to find out whether or not she will do anything :|

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I'd keep my eye on that kid


Staaalllkkkeerrr haha I would give him an A standing for A kid if I see you near my house I got my guns loaded

zero tolerance policy. show it to your school guidance counselor or psychologist and that kid will get help. don't ignore it, kids are crazy nowadays.

Zero tolerance is a terrible policy, but I agree that this is a threat and it should be reported.

Really? As far as I know, craziness knows no age, gender, etc.

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if a girl writes a story about attacking her teacher, complete with street address, then she is STUPID enough to get in trouble for it. zero tolerance is usually taken too far. So how MORONIC can you be to write such a creepy story in times when 1st graders get expelled for bringing butter knives to school? the girl is probably one of those whiny attention seeking "woe is me" high schoolers who thinks everyone is out to get her. I'm sorry but you should know better than to write a story about attacking a teacher and include the address she lives at. dan131m: "you will destroy all her dreams!!" HAH! anyone with half a brain would know not to write a paper like that, this girls probably too dumb to get into college. I graduated high school 2 years ago, and know that the crazy attention-desperate girls like her have a future that involves fast food, drugs or early pregnancy.

This reminds me of that King of the Hill episode where Connie exclaimed, melodramatically, something along the lines of "if [something happens/doesn't happen], I'll kill myself!" and everyone freaked the **** out about it. She wasn't crazy, suicidal, or seeking attention, she was just being a typical teen.

The OP is a he, read the description.

Fuck you, kids jus accept the fact that they hate someone and dont care what society thinks

for a writing teacher, I think you could have written this a little more clearly. but yeah it is a bit creepy, but it's not hard to find addresses, honey. FOIA sure helps.

... And also with correct usage of possessive apostrophes.

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They DID have the correct usage of possessive apostrophes. The possessive form of one student is student's. The possessive form of plural students is students'. Don't dis an English teacher unless you know what you're talking about. :)

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stfu u misspelled "Diss" retard.

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Dis and diss are slang words.. And both are correct. Ironically, though... Firefox says "diss" is misspelled.

@Etherial: 1. I know how possessive apostrophes work. 2. I do know what I'm talking about. 3. The OP edited their post to add in the missing possessive apostrophe. Don't "dis" posters until you know the full story.

zero tolerance is used too much for mild cases to satisfy a faculty member's power trip but a story like that is pretty serious. bad things happen when that crap is just ignored.

Your student has major stalking skills. NICEE

Well quit being a mean or pedophiliac teacher and then you wont get that from Kids... A BIG FAT YDI!!!!

STFU! If you're not a teacher than you couldn't possibly understand. No matter what you do, it's impossible to please 100% of your students. At least 10% of those little bitches will always hate you. Especially if your a woman. Think back to your favorite high school teacher....the coolest one. Someone hated him/her. If you didn't like any of your high school teachers...guess what? You're one of those little bitches in the 10%.