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Today, I accidentally dropped my birth control pill on the floor and my dog ate it. The good news is, I startled her and she spit it right out. The bad news is, I still had to take it after it had been in my dog's mouth. FML
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YDI for being a girl, embarrassing. You guys don't deserve to vote.

I love how everyone is replying to me because I'm first just to get their comment on the top. XD

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59, you're an idiot and the pill was in the dogs mouth, not just lips. I certainly hope most people don't make out with their dogs.

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Not wanting to get pregnant is not the only reason to take the pill....

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I love how you didn't even give a real comment to begin with so that you could get your comment to the top. I also love how you found a way to mention how you were first.

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If your going to have sexual intercourse you better being trying to procreate

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102, not everyone's beliefs are your beliefs and very few religions believe that sex is only for procreation and not ever for recreation and the ones that still do, probably wouldn't approve of your looking at a **** My Life website.

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Just because she takes birth control doesn't necessarily mean she's just using it not to get pregnant (#59). Adolescent girls and young women are frequently prescribed oral contraceptive pills for irregular or absent menstrual periods, menstrual cramps, acne, PMS, endometriosis, and hormone replacement therapy. But just because you skip one doesn't mean you're going to get pregnant. You definitely should have just skipped that day.

#39 is an idiot #59 is an idiot #102 is an idiot #106 is an idiotic, sex is for creation technically. FYL, if you were not using condoms then I'd say YDI but I don't know that.

Or taken the next day's pill and ended the pack one day earlier...

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Actually, the whole "just because you missed a day doesn't mean you'll get pregnant" argument is false. I was 12 or so hours LATE taking a pill and have the child to prove that pregnancy from not perfect pill taking is possible. I also got pregnant with my 2nd child one month after stopping Depo when we were told it would take 10 or more months for me to be able to conceive. Imagine my husband's dissapointment on that one. He was hoping for a year of "trying". Moral of the story is, if you miss a pill or are even very late taking it, use backup.

#165, you are aware that birth control is NOT 100% effective, right? Even if taken as directed you can still get pregnant. Your pregnancies probably had nothing to do with taking the pill a few hours late.

I'm 23, and have been on Yaz since I was 17 when my mom found out I was having sex.. If I found out my boyfriend and I were pregnant, I would have an abortion, like (hopefully) any reasonable young woman would. I still have my whole life ahead of me. Not every religion even believes that a fetus is alive at the earliest stages. Only some believe that a fetus is a life from the very beginning. And if you want to make it a religious thing, Muslims believe that the fetus get the "Breathe of life" only at a certain stage but its not at the point of conception. So If you want to live in a country that practices religious tolerance.. than you should try tolerating the views of other religions the same way they have to tolerate yours every national holiday and season...

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Yes, I am aware the the pill is not 100% effective. Actually, I was on Ortho Tricyclen and the success rate is 98-99% IF taken on time, every time. It drops to 95% if not taken correctly. My point was that many people are telling the OP that missing a day or 2 doesn't affect the outcome when in fact it can. My uncle is an OB/GYN and I went over all of the data with him before choosing a method. Another thing many young women aren't aware of is that other medications including antibiotics can lower the success rate of the pill substantially. Every woman's body is different so if you accidentally take the pill improperly you should always use backup through the rest of your cycle. Instead of eating the dog-licked pill OP could have used backup or gotten Plan B if she was concerned.

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you can't skip a pill... you'll get pregnant... but if she' only taking it for other reasons then it's okay to skip one. Like im on the pill cause i have really bad cramps while in my period and the pill helps a lot.. and it wouldnt matter if I skipped one.

i started taking the pill when i was in high school to deal with periods that were so painful they sometimes caused me to pass out. one of my friends in school was on it for severe acne - she was about 15, and a minister's daughter (the goody-goody kind, not the skanky rebellious kind), so i don't think she was using it for contraception! OP that sucks but depending where you are in your cycle at the time it can sometimes be perfectly safe to miss one pill, and if not then you could just take another one from the packet and continue as normal, and just have a 27 day cycle instead of 28, which i believe is also perfectly safe.

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My birth control says I can skip one pill and not have to use any extra birth control. Even in the active weeks. If however, I miss more than one or miss one frequently, then it says to use extra birth control. Then again, all birth control is different.

i hate to be one of those losers who replies to the first person just to get near the top, but i just need to say, before another idiot comes on here saying ydi for having sex, it's morally wrong to use birth control, the side effects are very serious, etc etc: women take birth control pills for all sorts of reasons! some don't want to get pregnant because they, for whatever reason, feel that it would not be a good idea for them to become a parent. others have non-existent periods, periods that are too heavy, or severe period pain (mine causes me to pass out, i have known other people to vomit, become ill from the blood loss, get terrible migraines, and other quite serious effects) and in these cases not taking the pill could affect their health and would certainly affect their lives by making them sick at times when they can not afford to be so (for instance, a woman who has very severe pains may not be able to work, attend school, sit exams, or care for dependents). some women have extremely severe acne, which can be psychologically damaging. some women take the pill because they have hormonal problems and need the pill to assist with this. while the pill is said to increase the risk of certain diseases, it is also believed to reduce the risk of others, so a woman who has a family history or other reason to be concerned about a particular medical problem may take the pill to avoid this. what's possibly the most serious reason for taking the pill is that some women, if they became pregnant, could DIE. i know a woman - who is married, if anyone thinks that makes a difference -who needs to take it because she has some kind of problems with her ovaries or uterus or something, and if she fell pregnant her health would be endangered and she could potentially die. and, of course, if a woman wants to have sex and not risk falling pregnant that is her choice, and it doesn't necessarily mean that she will then risk her health and the health of others by having unprotected sex: many people who use condoms also use hormonal contraception to be extra safe about pregnancy, and some women who use the pill but not condoms may do so because they are married or in a monogamous relationship and feel that there is no need to worry about STDs. basically, just because you personally feel that it wouldn't be a good idea for you to take the pill, that doesn't mean that it isn't ok, or perhaps even necessary, for the OP and other women to be taking it.

Really? Well Im on the pill and guess what? Ive missed 4 days before, take 2 each day for a few days till I was back on track, and I have NO BABIES to show for it, and it's not cause im not sexually active, I dont even use condoms and he doesn't pull out. Your kid was simply god's will.

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OR. its because everybody's body is different. just because you didn't get pregnant doesn't mean the pill was effective. there's a very small chance to get pregnant. you could've not been in that small window of opportunity

@ 173 Since you're all for respecting what other people believe, why do you expect "any reasonable person" who makes the choice to get knocked up at 17 to get an abortion? Shouldn't you be TOLERATING the decision that the person decides is right for her life?. Also, if you happen to drive by my house in December, the multicolored lights were not meant in any way to offend you.


That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Have babies as a sacrafice? That is a GREAT reason to have a kid and will not screw them up at all. You are obviously an insanely retarded virgin...

ouch. I can feel the tolerance all around me.

#173 Wow, that's disgusting. "Any reasonable young woman" would not get an abortion because some parents out there would love to have that child, even if you don't believe it's a baby right away. Give the child up for adoption. You'd be doing something good for someone, and still have your whole life ahead of you. So many women can't have children, and abortions take for granted the gift of being able to pro-create. That's so selfish. If you want to have sex then deal with the consequences.

it is a women's choice to get a abortion you don't know if they where raped or worst a family member i thought the topic was a dog got her birth control pill. adoption is not always good either i don't think you should have to pay all of these fees to everyone to get a child in my eyes you are buying a child! once again it is a women choice first be in the person shoes first before you casting on a person judgement

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Uh, skip and go to the next one, and get your prescription filled a day earlier than normal. That simple.

#214 there's way too many people in the world. you're not helping anyone by bringing in more. abortions should be mandatory after you have 1 kid, like in parts of china.

Oh, here we go, the whole "I have my whole life ahead of me" story. You're 23, you don't have your entire life to wait. Teenage pregnancies are different, but you're 23, and that makes you perfectly suitable for a child, so, in your case, yes, an abortion is murder. I really hope you don't get an unplanned pregnancy, murderer.

Abortion after the first child is not mandatory anywhere in China. Instead, the Chinese government uses financial incentives to encourage families to have fewer children. Forcing a woman to have an abortion is considered intentional assault, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

i don't think there is a religion what believes a fetus is a life at an early stage, it's just that some/most people believe abortion is wrong and local churches believe that.

Yu have got to be kidding me! You sexist bastard! What the hell is your problem?! Why don't you try being a girl for day, huh? Or better yet, why don't you try being a pregnant woman, on the brink of giving birth? You try pushing a human being out of your penis, ok? Bet you wouldn't stand by your stupid little comment if you could do that, but you can't because you're probably the type of guy who scrapes his knee and starts blubbering like a baby, am I right?

225 - I can't even tell if this is a joke

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Abortion and birth control have nothing to do with each other. Why is abortion the only "reasonable" choice for someone with an unexpected pregnancy?

196- maybe you can't have kids and something is wrong with your whole reproductive shit. maybe you should stop sleeping around with guys and use condoms or you'll end up with a baby who you don't know who the father is and be up on maury.

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try it before you buy it dumb shit.

Dont worry, im pretty sure a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans. That's an upside.

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# 173 If you are not ready to have children, birth control or not, you shouldn't be having sex! Because you always run the risk of having a baby when you crawl into bed with someone. Abortion is not a way out of mistakes for stupid kids who were l just "having fun"! Oh and FYL I wouldn't have taken the pill but being behind could really screw things up!

Unless you had already missed a day or two you didn't have to take should try talking to your doctor about how to take your medications or hell, even just read the information that comes with it...Would've saved you from ingesting dog slobber and facing riddicule on the internet...Great job.

176, holy shit! REASONABLE!? You call killing a defenceless baby REASONABLE!? Giving it up for adoption is reasonable! Using contraception is reasonable! Abortion is murder!! Gah, people like you make me so angry! :@

because if you don't take one everyday it doesn't work.

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You're completely right. She'd be just fine if she didn't take it for one day. At least on my birth control, there's a whole week of "empty" pills, just to keep you in the cycle of taking something. You don't even have to take them the same time every day.

Why doesn't this get rated down? I said the same thing, and mine's hidden.

Because you're kind of annoying by going "I was the first" since that's like indirect saying in the first comment "first" :D Confused yet?

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exactly. and not kind of annoying. very annoying.

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Aish is right. Assuming you're not on Ortho Tri Cylco or whatever, every pill is the same. You could have simply taken the next day's pill and had your period one day sooner. I can respect trying to keep yourself safe, but you should really educate yourself as to what you're putting into your body and how it reacts and what to do in these kinds of situations. You really do deserve it.

@22; really? o_o my friend is on B.C., and when she skipped a day, her body started to malfunction. idk, could it be that it's different for every person?

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If by malfunction you mean breakthrough bleeding or even full on period, then that is completely normal, and not a malfunction by any means.

this is exactly what I was thinking too it would be easy enough to move her period forward a day and then she could just as easily take her first active pill on the same day as normal so she doesn't skip a pill but still isn't moved around too much not to mention that hormones aren't the only method of birth control

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its true, you didn't have to take that pill. You could have skipped it. It would be affective, but still be smart, wear a condom.

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actually every pill isn't the same... the dosage in the pill changes each week

that's not true the dosage in MOST pills is only different on the last week. That's why only two mg amounts are listed on the box. At least for the pills I am on.

uh no. u need to take then everyday at the same time for them to work properly because they've only got enough contraceptive to last 24 hours. and takin two would just double the dose for that day. I think ur bullshittin love.

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Anyway, a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth. So it's not that bad!

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In the prescription it says you ALWAYS need to carry an extra pack just in case something like this happens. You have to take one every day.

because only like one or two pills come in the pack and it's super expensive

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LMFAO. This comment made me laugh. hahahha

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not by much? if you don't WANT to be pregnant, than eating an icky spitty dog pill is certainly better than having a baby. at least after a single teeth brushing, she'd feel fine and probably forget about it soon. babies last forever.

........... I'm not even going to say it. jk! FAIL.

i think he's just trying to make a point...

How old are you? 10?? We got the point, you were first...

I'm not trying to point out how I was first. I just think it's so idiotic to say first when usually you aren't. Whatever, forget it.

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A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's.

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My dog doesn't chew on skunks or eat his own poop. You should take better care of your dog.

haha lmmr I actually laughed out loud at this

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It actually is true. Humans have the dirtiest mouths.

I highly doubt this...dogs lick their crotches all day and sometimes their butts too. Didn't think about that when your dog licked your face huh? Also, dogs build up plaque and germs just as easily as human mouths, if not more since they explore through their mouths like babies. When was the last time you got your dog's teeth brushed?