By heather / Monday 20 June 2011 22:25 / Canada
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  wordnerd42  |  0

113 implied that the Victoria's Secret models are the prostitutes, gold diggers, etc. OP's husband just implied that the clothing/lack thereof that they sell looks better on better-looking people. When it comes to trying to look sexy, clothing should not take priority. It's the truth..

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@134 that simply doesnt make sense
@162 so a response to being insulted is to just bag everyone who works in the industry as a whore? then i stand corrected, the original comment was just a pathetic nonsensical retort.

  wordnerd42  |  0

215 - not that they are whores, although maybe that was implied. All i meant is that some people are more suited to wear certain styles. But by this point, I'm assuming too much about OP and her husband, so screw it. /trolls/

  1215116a  |  14

I don't think she agrees if she put it on FML.

  T1A2Z3  |  33

Actually we don't know much about the OPs situation. Maybe her dad is winning. He could be an Olympic athlete for all we know. All we do know is her husband said something mean.

  RileyL29  |  0

Get real! There are women in that catalogue who do drastic dieting and exercise plans to stay that skinny. Not being in that magazine doesn't make you fat or imperfect.

  alazae  |  0

; Aha your a bitch.!
well I love when people call other people fat because they think better of them selves.!
well fuck you, who said you had to be skinny to be beautiful.?!
btw "she may be fat but she can always lose the weight but you'll always be ugly" ( ;

  Tadeusz_fml  |  5

Intriguing* and people, much though you may feel she deserves it, please refrain from bulling the respondent. Perhaps it's a cycle of such bullying that makes people attack others to try and feel better about themselves? Harshness begets harshness. She isn't ugly at all, anyway.

  GuidoCheese  |  0

Maybe a divorce is too much; he's obviously joking but it is pretty hurtful. It's not like he's telling her that he's sleeping with another chick or something. Meh my opinion, but I respect yours too.