By Anonymous - 11/10/2012 05:08 - United States - Amarillo

Today, my dog overturned and ate my trash, leaving coffee grounds and dog puke all over my floor. She also ate the broom. FML
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"******* son of a bitch. I'll teach him to leave me home alone!"


26- the dog in your picture has had enough toys ...

Is it a dog the op owns or a tasmanian devil?

-1 It could have been worse... When my dog gets bored he eats just a little bit more of my front door.

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"mystery you ate old man jenkins"

"******* son of a bitch. I'll teach him to leave me home alone!"

One does not simply eat a broom as payback.

2, the irony in what you jut said is truly amazing

Just fed her all the left overs, what more does she need!

Or, the dog smelled something it liked in the trash can and wanted it.

We don't know how the OP treats their dog from reading this FML! Pets do strange things...

Yeah... because the animal has a brain, it has it's own thoughts and actions. I feed my dog regularly ad he still finds it funny to eat the steps to my back porch.

51, animals do have brains and do think.

For some odd reason I obvious read that wrong. My apologies.

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Honestly... That deservs a mop not a broom

NeuroticBitch 8

Or maybe she's trying to send a message. ;)

Whenever someone uses the winking face, I always feel like they're trying to make some kind of sexual innuendo... so I really don't know what to think of this comment.

Whenever someone uses a winky face, to me they are winking.

But you still love her OP, don't you? Especially when she came and licked your face after that to get your attention so you see her latest creation. Who can be mad at a dog?

35, your arguement is void because a cat has the right to be mad at anyone, anything, and everything whwnever it feels the need. Pray that you never have to feel the wrath of a scorned cat for you will never be the same!

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Your dog reminds me of the Beethoven movies I used to watch as a kid (:

well, the fact that your broom is gone must be a sign you don't have to clean anymore......( I would still clean up the puke, though)