Ghost in the machine

By smdh - 22/10/2012 02:52 - United States

Today, my mother told me that my dead grandmother speaks to her. How? When she's thinking of her while brushing her teeth, her electric toothbrush will suddenly stop buzzing and this tells her her mother is communicating with her. FML
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Who's she thinking of when the batteries die on her vibrator?

This sounds like the start of a bad horror movie...


This woman raised you... FYL

Aww, it just shows her that her mom misses her mother. She might have unresolved feelings she needs to get out. It doesn't make her a bad mother...

-10, thank you; nobody should ever act like an asshole to people who believe in that stuff. The people we should be disgusted with are "psychics" and "mediums" who endorse and encourage this behavior. Bad enough that someone loses someone close, much worse when they are given false hope and false peace of mind.

I'm with 10 & 34. If it makes the mother happy, let her keep doing that. She is probably still mourning the loss of her mother (sometimes it can take years or never). Be more considerate. Maybe even be nice, Original Poster, and ask what her mother said to your mom.

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I think such a false hope just makes it harder to get over the death. It's just basically a denial of her absence in the real world, and she's clinging to fantasies. When reality does catch up to her, it will be worse than ever.

Who's she thinking of when the batteries die on her vibrator?

The problem here is that many electric toothbrushes stop vibrating in intervals to tell you how long to brush in a certain area. It's not even abnormal.

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Lets hope it's not the grandmother

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Trick question: it's her grandfather! Boom.

First off, who thinks of their deceased mother while brushing their teeth? If it's happened multiple times though I could sort of understand her wanting to make a connection like that about such a strange coincidence.

If my parents died, I know I'd think of them all the time. Especially while doing boring tasks.

I take it you haven't lost anyone close to you, 3?

Provided you don't go on a shooting spree, I don't think there's a 'wrong way' to remember loved ones who have died.

May be her mother died in a freak toothbrush accident...

This sounds like the start of a bad horror movie...

Oh shit Paranormal Activity 15 in the making.

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Don't even go there 15

Take out the batteries

Get new batteries.

More like she was possessed by her mum.

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And her dead grandfather is communicating when her vibrator stops buzzing?

That's fucking disturbing.

Wow #8... Yuck!

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It may be an inside thing between your mom and grandma that makes your mother feel she is being spoken never know. I lost my father and I feel he is going to speak to me in odd ways too, so honestly I don't feel your mother is crazy for thinking this.

This is sad. :( she doesn't want to let go. Yes it comes off a little loopy but I feel bad for your mom. Coping is tough.

Have a heart, OP, she's talking about her dead mother here. When your mom dies I hope she haunts your toothbrush, just to fuck with you for this.

I totally agree. This OP needs to have a heart! I feel sorry for people with absolutely no belief or expectations in the afterlife...

AnyaS 19

You feel sorry for them? There's nothing wrong with not believing in a likely untrue thing.