By stupid - 07/07/2009 18:33 - United States

Today, I saw a spot on my computer screen. I tried to use my finger to rub it off. Then, I tried using my nail. Then I tried to windex it off. I continued scratching at it with my nail. A half hour and one scratched screen later, I realized the spot was part of the webpage I was looking at. FML
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pwnrzero 0

YDI I mean cmon, this seams fake to me, how about you guys? Who would spend one hour, and couldnt he/she at least scroll a little to make sure it isnt part of the screen?


pwnrzero 0

YDI I mean cmon, this seams fake to me, how about you guys? Who would spend one hour, and couldnt he/she at least scroll a little to make sure it isnt part of the screen?

I agree. Or the OP is incredibly stupid. I really want to say this is fake, just because I hope no one seriously could do this. This would've been more believable if it was a shorter amount of time. I have a desktop, and at least on my computer, it's pretty obvious what's on the screen and what's actually on my computer.

I've had this happen, but instead of scrubbing, i move the page up and down once

blink182rocks 0

Either a legit retarded person, but probably not, or fake.

Better yet, what the hell kinda a website was the OP on to have a stain as a part of the design?lol

skatagurl 0

ilove blink 182 also but ur30 genius

this is the person who found out about the fold-out bed after sleeping on the couch (like 6 FMLs down) name suits OP

It's not the same person. They're from different states. Also, I've done this before, except I just spent only about 5 minutes instead of half an hour. With some monitors it's hard to tell if it's on the screen or part of the page.

its ok, just use white out to remove the scratch

you're an idiot. that is not how you clean your screens, moron! learn to take care of your tech equipments better.

Matias_Says_FML 4

Oh no! Your life is ruined now?

PhishloverA 14

#1: it was a half-hour, not one hour

yeah your user name suits the situation very well and no it doesn't seem fake, i have that problem a lot, but it takes me 30 seconds to figure out what the spot is

I read the name as stupid woman so yeah it fits pretty well

NGM_47 0

hmm...this FML was posted once with photoshop. Also, I have seen this "stupid" person submit over 4 FML's and FMyLife wont let more than 1 person with the same username so I'm going to say fake for the first time ever!

NewLight8421 0

reply to 33: their name is stupid not stupid woman, the woman would be the gender on every fml so i think your really the stupid one here reply to 45: just because they submitted 4 fml's means its fake? maybe its their account username? y'know if you submit a fml on your account it uses your username. reply to 30: hahahaha reply to op: bwaha retard xD SECOND!

skylerguns 2

uhhhh dude it reads stupid and the gender is woman but if together it reads stupid woman so you cant get the joke

CaptainDoorknob 7

Whenever I think I see a spot, I scroll down to make sure it isn't just the page. -_-

scratching a screen will always solve the spots. goodjob.

That's not nearly as bad as Windex. I'm surprised you haven't permanently damaged the surface of the monitor.

CRT? or are you too young? some people still have em.

teebonehead 0

How much weed you smoked today bong boy ? Y D I

Wow, This is why we need natural selection.

FYL for being mentally challenged, life must suck when you're this retarded.

how did the tiger get there in the first place

by stupid (woman) - United States (Connecticut)

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