By Anonymous - 07/03/2014 02:52

Today, I went to an auction for the first time. When the run-down house I wanted to bid for came up, I opened bidding at £12,000 and surprisingly won. Feeling pleased, I turned to the person next to me and said, "Lucky me!" She replied, "Yes, lucky you!" and then under her breath said, "Cockhead". FML
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Wow. Tell her to go bid on some manners.


bluucat 17

Run down, and people wanted it that badly? That's strange, in my opinion

AnOriginalName 19

#23, it's a run-down house, yes, but the winning bid was also only 12k pounds. I don't know the exact conversion, but it's likely around $20k. For a house! It was be easy to fix it up and flip it for some profit, or otherwise fix up and move in for a super cheap house.

in the outskirts of Sydney a run down house is at least 250 k. where are these 12k houses!? here it would have to be a hole in the ground to be that cheap

Number 23, that's because you're a 19-year-old idiot!

A pound is worth almost twice as much as a dollar.

I get thumbed down for stating my opinion lol. Anyway, I guess that makes sense, seeing as the bid still was high, and you can make a lot out of that later on. Enjoy the new house, OP!

You got down-voted because you made a silly and uninformed comment, not because you were stating your opinion.

#23 and 37- OP said he started the bidding at 12k... he never said that that was the final price.

#74-- I'm not really sure how auctions work because I've never actually been to one, but the way this is worded makes it seem like OP's bid was the only bid and he was a cockhead for opening bidding higher than the old lady could afford. I may be wrong though. We need a follow up for clarification.

falon142012 22

I think right now it's a little above 1 1/2 times. So it'd be around $24,000. Which is still super cheap for a house, no matter how run down!

Some people buy run down houses and renovate & resell to make a profit.

23, Many people buy run-down houses to either renovate, or even just demolish the house and build a new one because it was cheap land and possibly in a good location.

kewpiesuicide 29

A run down house in Sydney is 250k?? Remind me to never move to Sydney! They have giant spiders there anyway...

About $20,000 US. And the way it reads to me is that they opened at 12K and know one else bid. I'm guessing they should have paid closer to 9K

lexi365 20

Wit it was, why would be auctioned in the first place?

38 - She could have defaulted on her mortgage or something.

TheDrifter 23

A lot of people who get foreclosed on try to buy their house back cheap at auction. It's rather popular in high home price zones where houses still aren't worth what they were during the housing bubble. People owe mire than the house is worth and let the bank foreclose and take it then try to buy it back cheap. If successful they take a credit hit but save hundreds of thousands on their house.

This was my thought and she was hoping she'd get more out of it. But if she was another bidder it was un called for as if she wanted it, should of bid 12,001 pounds lol

79 - It'd have to be more significant than an extra pound. OP isn't limited to one bid, if she bid £12,001 there's nothing stopping OP bidding, say, £12,500 to take the lead back. Besides, though I'm unfamiliar with auctions, I doubt they'd allow a bid of +£1.

Don't feel to bad at least you got the house.

Now you have this super cheap house!! That's fantastic! Do it up and when you resell you will make a profit! Well done!!

#108 Ever thought of the possibility that OP wants to live in the house?

afkwarrior 25

Wow. Tell her to go bid on some manners.

and the award for the best comment goes to...

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42- That's what the thumbs up is for..

smc3106 25

At least we know it isn't you. Lol

cryssycakesx3 22

maybe no one cares that op won.

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You can't spell jealousy without 'lousy'

That... is a pretty good saying. I'll have to remember that.

You also can't spell slaughter without "laughter."

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#51, you are going to hell haha

If she wanted it she should have outbid you, pretty simple. She's just bitter

ThatFancyPenn 18

Or she's "bidder" aha amirite? Sorry terrible joke..

Ignore her, you just got a house which is more then what a lot of people have, be proud of that :)

Someone's a little salty that they lost. Congrats on your new investment.

Well if she didn't bid you up on it, she has no right to be an asshole about it.

Rosebudx 32

#12, this was probably a foreclosure auction or something, where a bank or municipality is trying to get rid of properties they've acquired because people went bankrupt or died or whatever. Those houses go for really cheap.