By Mary - France


Today, I was walking my dogs when I noticed one of them had found something, and was eating it. After my command to "drop it" went unheeded, I took it upon myself to scoop it out of her mouth with my finger. After getting it all over my hand, I realized it was a piece of another dog's poop. FML
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By  janise  |  2

I think many people are missing the point that the OP didn't know what was in the dog's mouth. Part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring the dog doesn't consume something that could make them ill. Unfortunately, sometimes that means taking something out of their mouths.

By  Clitastrophe  |  0

You left out half of the story, the part where you only attempted to fish partially-chewed food out of your dog's mouth because you were hungry. Did you enjoy your dog shit?

By  blastvortex  |  3

And what did you expect it was, a lovely little piece of tiramisu lying on the ground? It's a good thing to grabbed it when you did though, since it's better to have gotten it on your hand(s) now than had to clean up not only the other dog's shit but your own dog's vomit off of your living room carpet later. You averted a disaster. Next!

By  Seegtease  |  0

Just letting you know, if you're the type of person who lets your dog lick your face, your dog is smearing shit all over your face. This FML illustrates that.


  weinerdog  |  2

Total garbage. I have two dogs that were saved from a lousy life in a puppy mill. They are spoiled rotten now, but for many of them it's behavior that takes a long time to unlearn, if they ever do at all. Think before you type.