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Today, after three days of hospital camping with my very sick husband, he was finally out of danger when I left last night to get my first good night's sleep in almost 96 hours. He woke me at 5 a.m. with a phone call asking me to bring him comic books because he's bored. FML
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monnanon 13

Um correct me if Im wrong but isn't 3 days 72 hours? OP you have done well looking after him when he is in hospital and you need your sleep. Simple fact is if you are too tired then you are in danger of crashing. I hope you told him you would be there in a couple of hours so you could get more sleep. I don't think he was being selfish though, his body clock is probably all over the place and he either didn't realise the time or just didn't think. Also to the commenter somewhere above it is very possibleto die from lack of sleep, things just start to shut down. You are more likely to die from a fatigue induced accident than from the actual fatigue tho.

SmallTownCutie 0

well, he's not dying. you'll sleep eventually.


Comic books still exist? Cool!

Pearls Before Swine = best comic.

kiran_fml 5

true that 56

i did both of you moms. srs bsns.

op, you're selfish. your husband is very sick and you should be happy to help him. be nice you jerk.

lipfullacope 0

no,no,no. F minus is the best comic strip.

skyeyez9 24

There is a gamer store that opened up near my house within walking distance. I checked it out to see what was inside. They had alot of comic books. One that caught my eye was the "Walking Dead" series, just like the new zombie tv series on tv. They also had lots of WoW and other games I never heard of before.

raeraymusic1 0

she just spent 96 hours by his side. he can live a few gours without comics.

you dont understand it's a, comic book!

Dude please be quiet ebcause when your camped out in a hospital it is very uncomfortable. So when you finally get some well deserve sleep you don't want to be disturbed and the op's husband should have asked to have a tv or soemthing entertaining so he wouldn't be bored. he should have let his wife sleep. She was nice enough to even stay with him for three days. And please don't say 'it's her job' She could have been a crappy wife and stayed home without a call or anything to check up on him..but she didn't so shut up god damn [btw i don't give a crap if i didn't spell things right so pelase don't point it out.]

skyeyez9 24

Yes, but he could have called her at 8am vs 5am. That is just wrong!

jester613 2

try being deathly I'll stuck in a bed with nothing to do and no one to talk to and see how you feel when the person you love and is supposed to love you says sorry I can't be bothered to bring you something to help you pass the time. OP you better bring him some comics and a damn sandwich.

chelslover 0

agreed174.. walking dead for sure

IBeDantastic 0

*Because. *Please.

So, your husband is stuck in the hospital dying, but I`m supposed to throw a pity party for you because your sleep schedule was disturbed? nope.jpg

i agree with 56

try staying awake in a hospital for three days, going home to sleep, but getting woken up at five in the morning by your husband asking to bring you comic books. You have obviously never hospital camped for three days. It's not fun.

primadonna, where does it say he's dying?

*throws stack of comic books at the foot of the bed* "These arn't even Marvel!!! *sigh* why do you even try..."

that sucks!

is that rebecca black in your pic


its the indian rebecca black! (jk i love indians =D)

Too bad you had to be a decent human being for a week. And for the peole asking why he was up at 5, they wake u up to take labs that early so the results are in before the dr gets there.

Perspective. If the person I loved pulled through after being in danger (of death I presume), I don't think I'd let an inconvenience like losing a few hours of sleep get between how happy I was that they were finally well. Bringing comics to my living significant other while sleep deprived is a blessing, comparatively. Granted, I might ask him if it could wait until I have had some sleep... perhaps they would be as understanding and willing to sacrifice a little for me as well. Who knows. It really doesn't matter. I'll tell you what I WOULDN'T do about it though ... complain to the internet about how awful my life is. FYL OP? I think not. Congratulations on your hubby pulling through though : )

SmallTownCutie 0

well, he's not dying. you'll sleep eventually.

He's not dying, but OP could die from lack of sleep.

AngryGuitarist 0

No she wouldn't die

96 hrs is 8 days. Yeah... She up with him BeFoRe going to the hospital.

4 days, I err at math. lol.

if you had to sleep in an uncofortable chair just to get sleep for 96 hours you'd be pretty happy to get home in your comfy bed. plus she probably didnt sleep in those hours because she was too worried about him and if you read it again it said he wasnt in danger anymore so obviously he was doing okay

Why is he up at 5 AM and not resting like he should? Tisk Tisk.

bthomas0319 2

*tsk tsk

I can make whatever sound I please. Good day to you, sir.

HowDidIGetHere 0

#97 fails.

xMexicanXJesusx 0

#129 Brokencyde FTW!

cobra9313 0

if u haven't had any experience in a hospital, then u wudnt know their is no such thing as a good sleep for anyone. the patient is constantly being woken for tests and such, pile all the commotion on top of that and it is almost impossible to sleep.

thatguy326 0

I thought u were just stupid until I saw u corrected your self.... Good job

Didn't they let you use a bed while you were there?

even if they did she probably didn't sleep because she was worried

Last time I was there they only offer a retractable chair. It was stiff as hell. So no!

stroudie94 9

# 4 I love your pic lol

my mom got a bed when I was in the icu but she never slept

KaraShinee 0

you should tell him you're tired and that you need rest and he should watch tv or something. don't cave in

yeah because this woman is doing so much her husband is the sick one it's not like he can just leave whenever he wants this woman needs to stop complaining

how is he an asshole? he's the one stuck in the hospital not her

wtftoria 1

Becausssse she was being super caring and when the time came where she allowed herself to take care of her own health he was super inconsiderate...?

What a hairy asshole!

JrRacer4007 0

your a bitch, if someones in the hospital 1) Never wants to be alone, always what companions 2) depending on the extent of the sickness, it could be worse, just be glad hes not dying

ok idk about you, but sometimes id want to be left alone. and if its 5 am, he shouldnt need anyone there. also, he wasnt in danger so whoever says that shes a bitch needs to calm their ass down. that is all.

well he is probably feeling better

Big fuckig deal. He's in the hospital and your pissed cuz you had to wake up early? boohoo(:

she never said she was pissed... dont type words in her fml ;]

A7X_LoVeee 10

She hasn't had a good nights sleep in 3 days. Then when she gets the chance, it's interrupted by her husband calling at 5A.M. for COMIC BOOKS. I'm pretty sure you would be annoyed too.

I'd be happy that they were ok and gettin back to their normal selves

Autoshot 9

Really 26? Read between the lines.

Seriously? Is everyone on here a selfish bitch? Sleep is the last thing I'd care about if someone i loved was in trouble, and i wouldn't think about myself at all until they were feeling as good as i was or better. Also, I'd bet moneys shes gotten plenty of naps in that 3 days and enough sleep on that night that neither her health nor sanity is in danger. (:

Holy ****, I agree with I_iz_B_a_troll :/

ya but there ******* comic books. he will ******* servive being bored. it was actually selfish of him to ask her in the middle of the night to bring

him his comicbooks. she needs her sleep and yes u can die from lack of sleep. not only that but it's comic books!!!! for gods sake it can wait tell morning if at all.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Hm so now we're selfish bitches since we disagree with you, 82? Okay. I think you're missing the point here. Getting a call at 5a.m. for comic books is ridiculous. I would understand if he was calling her that early for something else, something more important. But he didn't, he wanted her to get out of bed and drive to the hospital at 5a.m. for comic books. Give me a ******* break. Yes, he's in the hospital and it sucks. However calling your wife at that hour because "you're bored" isn't a good enough excuse. Surely she was going to visit sometime later today in which case he could've asked for the comic books at a later time. Boredom isn't going to kill him for a few more hours.

Octwo 16

All the people saying 3 days are going to feel dumb when they realize that 96 hours is 4 days.

loveofyourlife11 0

82- if he is awake and bored and able to call his wife at 5 in the morning, I'm pretty sure at this point he is feeling better. at least as good as op feels. if not a little better since he has been getting good sleep while she hasn't. so some of these people, including op, deserve to be mad about it. though I wouldn't really say either of them are being TOO selfish. he hasn't done much in three days and wants something interesting. (he could have waited though) I disagree 82.

19 lezbiansssss omggggg i did tgeir fatherssss

think of it this way. if your ass was in the hospital bed youd be completely thankful your wife dropped what she was doing so you didnt have to count the holes in the ceiling tiles. ridiculous or not thats the stuff you do for your significant other. if you dont like it stay single.

says the woman standing on a toilet...

A7X_LoVeee 10

151 - Nobody is saying they wouldn't be thankful. We're saying we disagree that the wife is at fault for complaining. Once again, a few more hours won't kill him, he should have sucked it up. Oh and you're whole "stay single" rant near the end was stupid. Really?

i agree wit evry comment uve posted so far^

SteelCladAngel 0

96 hours 4 days lol 3 days is 72 hours

SteelCladAngel 0

96 hours 4 days lol 3 days is 72 hours

I agree with you! well said!!!

in sickness and in health... maybe she forgot her vows. if my spouse ever needed anything at all, no matter how insignificant I would crawl to the ends of the earth to make him happy. I guess people are just selfish. marriage is about serving one another. op life must be extremely difficult for you, you didn't get enough sleep one night of your life because you had to help your sick husband. give me a break.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Actually hun it was 96 hours, not one night. Nice reading there! And those who disagree about bending over backwards for comic books are considered selfish? Hmm okay...

Sinkhole 26

212 - Marriage is not about "serving" one another, you shouldn't feel like it's your duty to do something for your husband or wife; you are there for your significant other because you love him/her, not because it's your obligation to do so. You expect OP to crawl to the end of the earth to make her husband happy, but you don't take into consideration that a marriage is formed by two people. OP's husband should want her to be happy and healthy, and to get a good sleep. I know that if I were in the hospital, I would worry about my husband getting a good sleep after being there for me for 4 days. So, if you look at it that way, the husband is the one being selfish.

you serve each other because you love each other not because you're obligated. oh my bad, totally thought a marriage was formed by one person. you're totally right. you're so right man, he's laying in a hospital bed sick and he should most definitely tip toe around her feeling and her sleeping schedule so that he can cater to her needs. and she can bitch and complain that her life is ****** because he made her wake up early. you're so right. *sarcasm*

I was referring to the night that he ruined her life by "disturbing" her beautiful slumber. have you been in a hospital bed for a long period of time? it's lonely, boring, cold. it's not a place I'd want to be alone in. I think they're both being a bit selfish but she's saying that her life is ****** because she had to help her husband. come on.

Sinkhole 26

She's not saying her life is ******, you clearly don't understand the concept of this site. "Fuck my life" is not the same as "my life is ******". She had been up for 4 days, and she was there for him. She has to take care of herself so that she can take care of him afterwards. And part of that taking care is sleeping, you apparently have no idea of how important it is to sleep.

well aren't you a clever one. lol. sleep < helping lonely, sick husband. I'll agree to disagree. find someone else to argue with. :)

A7X_LoVeee 10

232- And you're not. She was there for him when he needed it. She went home to get rest after 96 HOURS because he was clearly doing MUCH BETTER. After 96 hours, you'd want all the sleep you could get. So yeah, calling for comic books is out of line at that hour. it'd be different if something went wrong but he was only BORED.

Sinkhole 26

Okay, DeathByVanilla, did you know that deprivation of sleep has effects on the immune system? It is weakened without sleep. If she doesn't sleep and spends so much time in the hospital, she could get sick. Not to mention that it also has effects on cognitive performance, which like many people have said already, could cause an accident if she were to drive. I know who is the dumb one here, and I'm sure it's not me.

you guys really have nothing better to do with you time than sit here and argue with me. lol. I don't need life lessons from two people who clearly don't have anything better to do with their lives than sit on fml and argue with me when none of my comments were directed toward either of you in the first place. I have my opinion you have yours. end of story. go away.

Sinkhole 26

If you're still replying it means that you are the one who doesn't have anything better to do. Anyway, you don't need to direct your comments to me, that's why there's a reply function in every single comment, and I'll use it whenever I want. If you don't want people replying to you, just don't comment at all, it's simple.

Sinkhole 26

You are, obviously.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Lololololol yeah, I have nothing better to do. I was sitting in study hall earlier. Good call!

give him sum playboy magazines and he'll be good for a while >;D

kingtz 6

Penthouse works even better. He'll be ready for some get well sex when he comes home.

The dude was/is very sick! Bring him his damn comic books OP!

ImaWiseGuy 5

marriage isn't some one way road or bike path it goes both ways, so suck it up an get some ****** comics for ya man......

^ WTF? And you can generally pedal either way on a bike path, unless there's a race going on or something.

SirEBC 7

Doortje, will you marry me?

So you can have an almost fatal accident and have me bring you comic books at 5 a.m.? Hmm.. Let me think about it. &gt;:D

at least you thought about it lol.

SirEBC 7

REJECTED. I'm going to go kill myself now.

Try not to make a mess, eh?

don't you live with your husband?

JustinThunder 8

I don't get what point you're trying to make.

I believe lionjulie is under the impression that the husband has left the hospital