By lizann - 03/04/2012 05:39 - United States - Scottsdale

Today, for the second time this week, I had to ask my 27-year-old husband to stop peeing on the toilet seat. FML
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I don't get guys. They can write their name in snow perfectly but can't aim for a large hole.

Sometimes, I wish that home restrooms also came with built in urinals.):


You would think he would know better by now:) he needs to learn to aim

If you just put the seat up when you are done then there wouldn't be a problem

One does not simply... Miss the toilet seat.

It doesn't start out as a perfect stream.. It gradually works its way to one.. Ppl need to understand that and not complain so much.. Or he should be smart and just clean it off if he happens to do it.

Try the Cheerios method, if he wants the act like a careless inexperienced child then treat him as such

At least he can clean it? He's like my cousin who pees all over the toilet seat, wall, and the floor. This is one of the reasons why people don't want to live in this generation

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^because peeing on toilet seats is what's wrong with this generation.

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Guys need the seat down too sometimes. It makes sense to leave it down for everyone's sake!

I hate to say it but even with the seat up there is lots of urine splash all over the bathroom and your legs. It's pretty gross. It may not matter in public toilets but at home, where I have to clean it, I sit to pee. It's much cleaner. On another note, most men don't know how to use the urinal. They piss on the back or into the water, which is guaranteed to splash piss everywhere. Use a urinal naked and you'll feel it splashing all over your legs. The right way (the way almost no men do) is to piss on the SIDE of the urinal so the splash ricochets away from you into the urinal, not back onto you. it's simple physics, guys.

One does not simply aim their urine! It's like trying to use a garden hose with one of those nozzles that can generate a whole bunch of different patterns, but having no clue which one it is on, varying pressure, and sometimes random switches of nozzle type.

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^ You sit to pee? Thats not normal.

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My comment was directed towards 88. :b

90- I sit to pee at home at night to avoid waking others from the noise... As long as you don't have a boner it's easy

I'll be sure to use a urinal naked the next chance I get. Thanks for the recommendation. I don't know why I hadn't though of this earlier.

And why must I be normal? Why must anyone?

the only time I sit to pee is in the morning where I do the reverse straddle because of morning wood

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Disprayful? What was that supposed to be?

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47, A pun on disgraceful, I think.

I takr it you're not a comedian are you?

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Wow I kinda thought it was a funny comment

Guys, why the rude comments?? That's the best!! Made my day reading that comment.

That's terrible. You should be dispraysed.

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Oh my god! Someone made a mistake, twice! Before this happened, were you nagging him about forgetting to put the seat down?

It's gonna happen the rest of your life, we're guys we just piss, we don't pay attention! Haha

I'm a guy too, but I'm not an animal. For shit's sake...

I can only imagine how fast you'll be kicked out of your house when youget married. Us guys miss sometimes but not to the point that we just whip it out and piss away

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Don't listen to these losers who have been house trained. We could whip it out n piss anywhere.

Then what are you? A plant? A mineral? Humans are animals, like it or not.

Still no reason and the man don't kick t Da lady out lady kicks man out. Don't go anyway but dat. Let not get crazy. To: oblivion

^^ Holy crap, where's DocBastard's Idiot Translation Machine™ when you need it?!

If it happens again get a training potty xD

Cheerios make great targets to aim at. If OP makes it a game he might go for it.

Sometimes, I wish that home restrooms also came with built in urinals.):

Trust me it's not that easy when one is under a lot of pressure.

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Ya he needs to aim where your head is.

I don't get guys. They can write their name in snow perfectly but can't aim for a large hole.

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Holes should be tight do you think?!

Generally when you write in snow, it's over a bigger area than the typical size of a toilet bowl. I don't know why it's so difficult to aim but sometimes it just is. On the other hand, the decent thing to do would be to clean up after yourself if you do miss.

When the hole gets too big most of us guys won't even try to get it in there.

You need to take a roll of toilet paper and put an "X" with marker on each perforated piece and when you're done using the bathroom leave one piece afloat for him to aim at!

Apparently ping pong balls are better. They don't get flushed down. **** knows what happens when you're taking a dump though.