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That's rough, OP. Crack open one of those beers, you deserve it.

You have bad customers...


Must be a enjoyable job

I'd be pretty pissed myself

There's such a huge about of puns on FML recently for some reason

an*; since when does blatant sarcasm get a pass on FML? Should've seen the downvotes coming.

14, what do you suggest we do to those who use puns? Should they be pun-ished?

Do your very best, clean it up with a smile and go to your next task. You will have jobs in the future that will make you wish all you had to do was mop up some piss.

Like dodging 400 lb inmate's turds

#24/#27, anyone who reads this notices the mistakes. Your corrections serve no purpose other than annoying those who read the comments.

You have bad customers...

What piss off customers

More like he has bad coworkers who force him to do grunt work...FYL OP

I feel your pain with having a shitty job

Actually a pissy job

Who the fuck does that??

Evidently, OP's customers do.

@20 tಠ_ಠ @18 (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

People who are already drunk I'd assume.

If they are drunk enough to piss themselves when buying even more beer they should be denied.

That's rough, OP. Crack open one of those beers, you deserve it.

Only if they aren't piss warm!

you must be pissed of Op..FYL

I be pretty pissed too

If anyone asks, someone broke a bottle.

Looks like you're in a pissy mood.

Soon, you'll start hearing "clean up on aisle 13" in your nightmares.