By peanut - France - Vigneux-sur-seine
Today, on my way home to Bordeaux after a weekend in Paris, I had the pleasure of being sat next to a man who took out all the peanuts from a packet, counted them one by one, then sorted them into piles of five. This went on for an hour. FML
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By  Tripartita  |  44

My heart goes out to you, OP. Whenever I deliberately spill bags of nuts or cereal for the help to meticulously clean up, it starts out funny but quickly becomes terrible. I get contact boredom or something, and it's just overwhelming.


Yeah.. And it sounds like OCD. It's not harming you at all OP, and if it is OCD then you are judging someone with a mental illness. Stop looking at what he's doing and read a book or sleep. Easy.

By  Iwouldlosemyhead  |  1

I have really bad OCD and take offense to this post. You obviously have no idea what it's like to live with it. You make it sound like your whole day was ruined because some guy, who probably can't help it, counted out his peanuts and organized them into groups. I hope I never have to sit next to you on a trip and end up on FML.

  kfchicken_fml  |  31

you shouldn't take offense. Who says the man had OCD in first place? it doesn't take an hour to sort a small bag of peanuts into piles of 5 so he was probably sorting and resorting just to kill time. also if your gonna assume maybe OP has OCD and the man's constant fiddling with the peanut arrangement made his OCD act up. don't assume then get insulted by your own assumption, all we can tell from the FML is that some guy was playing with peanuts and for some reason that bothered OP


#23 - Wow, you don't really know how OCD works do you. It might not take you an hour to sort a bag of peanuts but a person with OCD will do a task multiple times to either get it just right or because they have to do things a certain number of times like flipping a switch 7 times, etc. It sounds almost 99.9% chance that the man is suffering from OCD. And OP is not the one showing signs of OCD so that is a dumb assumption. It's like me saying let's assume that OP is actually an elephant and the peanuts were making OP hungry. It's an assumption based on nothing, just like you're assuming for the sake of assuming, it's a ridiculous attempt to defend OP. And even on the small chance the guy doesn't have OCD, why the hell should it bother OP? Unless the nuts were falling on her/his lap then it doesn't affect OP. OP should keep her judgement to herself and just entertain herself.

By  Levi2411  |  39

I don't see the problem. If anything, I would've helped him sort through it. Maybe bring out a bag of Skittles to color sort too. I mean, hey, it kills time.