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By Anonymous - 17/05/2015 05:10 - United States

Today, my husband missed the toilet again. I would have been less disgusted if he'd peed this time. FML
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I think you actually have to try to miss when pooping...

Tell him to place his fartbox over the water, not the toilet seat.


Tell him to place his fartbox over the water, not the toilet seat.

You mean to say that your husband simply left his shit that missed the toilet bowl for you to clean? You should tell him that he's a grown ass adult and you are not his maid. Frankly, I'd just kick his ass.

He's just trying to help get you used to future potty training. Still that sucks...

I'd recommend having a bathroom where the whole floor is a pit of kitty litter, that way it's impossible to miss unless he defies the odds and shits horizontally at the wall

That'd be so disgustingly impressive.

It is not that difficult to shit on the wall actually

giantsfan2010 23

I know right just stick your ass on the wall and let it go

@35 His response in spite is to shit outside the bathroom door

I think you actually have to try to miss when pooping...

Why do men think this is acceptable behaviour? My fiancé does the same thing. Luckily it's been only piss so far.

Please, don't generalize men. As a man myself I would never do this.

I am a man and I don't do that, ever.

Maybe it's your taste in men that is the problem. I'd appreciate it if you didn't generalize men just because your fiancé is gross.

Tell him that if he does it again you will make him wear a diaper.

It only works if OP doesn't have to change his diapers now and then

He has defiantly been playing too meany angry birds

I think you also mean many.

pretty sure the spelling wasn't the primary issue with this comment

to start off. what does angry bird have to do with toilet aim? I don't think he goes to take a dump angry.

He probably meant that he was too busy playing a game while on the toilet to worry about being clean and getting the deed done.

The only thing I can think of was he did it to "get back at you" for nagging him about him missing when he was peeing

eugh. I'd like to believe there are no grown men out there that childish and disgusting. D:

It takes some serious talent to miss the toilet taking a duece...fyl op

Does it matter ? I can understand drunk peeing but wtf.

With inebriation, all logic goes out the door.