By Anonymous - 14/02/2016 09:15 - Netherlands - Veldhoven

Today, I think I've conditioned my body to not function without technology, as I simply couldn't take a shit until I got up, fetched my phone and returned to the toilet to read stuff on here. FML
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Imagine what would happen if the phone battery died.

To all the people saying YDI, I think you would do the same thing


To all the people saying YDI, I think you would do the same thing

No I wouldn't. I don't take my phone with me everywhere I go, especially not the toilet. I sometimes don't look at my phone for hours *gasp* And if I found out I'm that dependable on something, I would absolutely change it.

While my phone occasionally accompanies me to the toilet, I don't NEED it to do my business.

"to all the people saying YDI.." you were the first comment

#30, there already were people pressing "YDI," although there were not yet any comments.

Imagine what would happen if the phone battery died.

Read the ingredients of the air freshener or toothpaste over and over.

Spontaneous colonic combustion would occur

Hahhaa don't worry op, That'll be the norm soon enough

OptimusSlime 23

I love how technology addicted everyone is. One day this will screw as over, since most people don't even know how to start a fire without matches. Instead, the internet is more important than a skill that your life could potentially depend on.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Not sure what all that ego stroking luddite nonsense has to do with it. He could just have easily become dependent on reading a physical newspaper or a book instead in order to take a shit. Hell, that's exactly what a lot of people used to do. But yeah, let's go back to the pre-microprocessor age just in case. Jesus.

deathstroke990 22

I love how you literally used the internet to post internet hate

I can google how to start a fire without matches on my phone any time though.

I know how to use a bic lighter and always have one on me.

whatarethisss 23

I think that's almost all of us, sady.

Queue the "that's a shitty situation" type comments.

Not actually a shitty situation, unless OP's battery happened to be at 3% when he grabbed his phone.

redheadedmonster 24

I've done the same. But to be fair taking a shit is boring without something to read or a puzzle to do.

Its probably just cause you're so used to doing it that it became a natural habit

I heard going camping without electronics for a weekend can help with that, but I don't know for sure, just read it online somewhere once

Well, if it doesn't help OP is going to have one hell of a constipation.