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  Reifier  |  0

YDI for thinking that a single sports game was more important than your health. You didn't have to put it back in your mouth, you could have just walked away from that game, cleaned it or bought a new one, and played in the next game. Putting that back in your mouth was just stupid.


actually she couldn't have just walked away got a new one and played in the next game, it was the CHAMPIONSHIP. plus thats really important. she could have asked to wash it off with a waterbottle but still you can't just walk away. thats even worse than putting it back in

  Kofu  |  0

I almost cried from laughing when I read that. I could actually picture that dumb broad from the commercials saying that sort of thing with a completely straight face.z

Also, you are a complete dunce for actually doing it. Tell the referee to go enjoy a buckshot sandwich and move on with your day. If he penalizes you, who cares? You didn't have to floss with goose dookie. The end.

  Zhejan  |  0

This is definitely fake. No referee in his or her right mind would do such a thing, they would just make you sub out and get a new mouth guard or wash it off.

  manu_55  |  0

Obviously this person had some inspiration. Definitely fake.

  lmtlmt  |  7

"It's magical when your first modding is published"

Its really not, so what you and a few hundred other people clicked yes on an FML, what's so magical about that?