By ewewew - 24/09/2009 22:10 - United States

Today, during our championship field hockey game, my mouthguard fell into a mass of geese poop. The referee made me put it back in my mouth. FML
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 سلام، من دارىش است.بابا اب رار. من حىچ كارى نكردم. من شىتون است. سلام

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"Mass of geese poop" made me laugh

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I know, right? You could just say "No" though. No one can make you do anything.

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retard doesn't even know how to use ydi properly. so useless.

wha!!! geese got together to make one poop

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actually she couldn't have just walked away got a new one and played in the next game, it was the CHAMPIONSHIP. plus thats really important. she could have asked to wash it off with a waterbottle but still you can't just walk away. thats even worse than putting it back in

#160 if you're a crazy ass sports freak who cares more about winning than putting literal shit in your mouth, then I guess so.

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I almost cried from laughing when I read that. I could actually picture that dumb broad from the commercials saying that sort of thing with a completely straight face.z Also, you are a complete dunce for actually doing it. Tell the referee to go enjoy a buckshot sandwich and move on with your day. If he penalizes you, who cares? You didn't have to floss with goose dookie. The end.

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the ref might not've known it fell in poop. the rule is you have yo have a mouth guard in your mouth at all times when your on the field.

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This is definitely fake. No referee in his or her right mind would do such a thing, they would just make you sub out and get a new mouth guard or wash it off.

I agree, plus field hockey season just started

Obviously this person had some inspiration. Definitely fake.

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it could have been a tournament, i have my second one already next friday

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*fills care cup* I modded the one about the asshole stepdad and the bus. It's magical when your first modding is published. :D

"It's magical when your first modding is published" Its really not, so what you and a few hundred other people clicked yes on an FML, what's so magical about that?

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he didnt make you.... and learn the words "**** you"

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YDI for hooking up with my mom

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Eww. lol You shouldn't have put it back in.

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omg i drop my mouth gaurd all the time! its disgusting! and that really sucks. did you at least win?