By frenchfrypotater - United States
Today, it was our wedding anniversary. My husband takes me and our young son to a family-style chain restaurant. Hoping for a little romance, I ask him what he's excited about in our future, and he says how we shouldn't eat out like this anymore so we can afford to pay our income taxes. FML
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By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Unromantic, but wanting to make ends meet shows he at least cares about your well being. Guy probably has a lot on his mind and you two should have a talk about making changes to both your lifestyles so he can be at ease.

By  LilaBear  |  1

This is why I love Australia... the tax gets taken out of your pay before it even gets into your account. You don't have to 'save' anything to pay for tax.

  EMR_fml  |  0

In the US the taxes normally get taken out before it gets deposited in your account, too. (Unless you're self-employed) But before or after deposit, who cares.
Doesn't really matter when the taxes get taken. The money is still gone. If you can't afford eating out and paying taxes, you need to stop eating at restaurants.
Eat out your wife instead I'm sure she'll forget about fancy diners.

  EMR_fml  |  0

I get his point that it's done gradually through out the year. But I don't see the difference between being taxed $100 a week and being taxed $5200 a year. It's the same amount of money. Either way you need to adjust your budget for the money being gone.

  JorgeM  |  0

Our taxes are withheld as well. If this family is really that poor, they're not actually paying taxes and will get back everything they paid in, plus an additional credit. So who knows what the husband is talking about.

I guess he could be self employed, but he sounds too dumb for that.

Of course, American taxes are super high when you take into consideration that we have to pay for all of our health care through private insurance or out of pocket and pay for all of our higher level education. All our taxes go for are greedy bankers and wars. The Democrats might even add the for-profit insurance companies to the Government welfare tit instead of doing something reasonable - like single payer.

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

Oh boo hoo. You don't get to eat out all fancy anymore. Stay at home in a more intimate family setting.

Get creative with your romance. Romance doesn't automatically equate to "romantic" dinners and all that shizzle-izzle

By  Slaught_fml  |  3

Yeah me and my wife are in this rut right now also. Maybe help him find a better job? Sounds like he is worried about going broke.

EDIT: I feel the need to point out how stupid allmidnighteyes' post is. Teenagers shouldn't comment about marriage.

  bigcrazymike  |  6

Marriage has less beauty but more safety than the single life. It’s full of sorrows and full of joys. It lies under more burdens, but it is supported by all the strengths of love, and those burdens are delightful.

  Puolukka  |  4

But it takes being married to know that what most teenagers think about marriage is not all that accurate ;)

You're right though, of course it's not about fancy dinners and romance ALL the time...but it sure is nice and considering that an anniversary only takes place once a year I don't think it's too much to ask for...and family-style restaurant doesn't sound like 'fancy dinner' to me anyway...

By  Witchcraft_fml  |  4

Ah well, everyone makes sacrifices. What, is there something unromantic about an overcooked meatloaf dinner by candlelight?

Were you hoping to have a slobbery make-out session in front of your son?


Probably as soon as her son figures out exactly what a vagina is.
Although the husband is probably a fuck-hungry douchebag, and started playing porno tapes to the son from birth instead of the usual Disney.

Hopefully OP's future son-slash-grandson won't look TOO demented. Though if he doesn't, he might be eaten by the local hill-dwellers.


And it just keeps getting bigger, wiv all dem sibling-fuckers pouncing on whoever they can grab first.

Luckily, they balance it out by killing the ones who try to move in on their roadkill dinners.


They certainly do. Roadkill's fer the eatin's, makin' the clothes, and pickin' the teeth. They tear those suckers up. They reuse each other, makin' as many babies wiv each other as they can.


They were probably conceived there too, in an all-consuming redneck orgy.

Luckily fer th' hicks, thems t-shirt cannons were created. It's the only place they get their clothes.

By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Unromantic, but wanting to make ends meet shows he at least cares about your well being. Guy probably has a lot on his mind and you two should have a talk about making changes to both your lifestyles so he can be at ease.

  Mr_Eated  |  0

Bravo - nicely said. My ex wife, Respondent, used to want expensive dinners out and expected expensive gifts for any occassion. If I ever mentioned we couldn't afford something, she'd get angry and say I had a bad attitude or would insinuate that if I didn't spend money (that we didn't have) then I didn't really love her the way she deserved.

OP could just be bummed that her husband couldn't enjoy the moment - or she could be a pathological head case like my ex......I'm guessing somewhere in the middle.