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By Anonymous - 31/03/2024 14:00 - Norway - Drammen

Today, when going to bed after a night of heavy drinking, my boyfriend told me he was in love with his cousin, and that she’s way prettier than me. Later in the morning, he said it was just "drunk talk." FML
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In vino veritas. Also, seriously, what the ****?


wrecklesswfire 1

no it wasn’t. Run away, FAST

In vino veritas. Also, seriously, what the ****?

Heavy drinking often results in heavy regrets.

It seems strange to encourage drinking but then not like the results. People do and say all sorts of stuff when they're drunk that they would never do and stay otherwise. It seems like you and your boyfriend need to stop drinking.

Come on, no one will randomly say he is inlove with his cousin just because being drunk. It more like reveling his secrets. To his defense maybe it's so deep inside that he also not fully grasp it.

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I opened this post up and banjos started playing. Followed by the rest of the jug band…