By omgwtf - United States
Today, it was Homecoming. During the dance, I saw this mentally handicapped guy ask this pretty girl to dance. She said no. So I went over to him and asked him to dance. He replied that he only wanted to dance with "pretty girls" and I was not one. FML
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  blehblooblah  |  0

She wasn't asking because he was retarded. It was because he asked a pretty girl and she said no, implying she said no because of his handicap. So she wanted to make him feel better only to be shot down for trying to be nice.

  Saccharide  |  0

YDI for being ugly in the eyes of a mentally challenged guy's mind. Because that's something you could have easily changed.

Seriously, you people on FML are the worst.

  PumpkinTarte  |  0

That's quite mean. If the pretty girl said yes, it would probably be on or something but then again we'd never know that the mental guy would turn girls down cos of their looks.

  col535  |  0

for all of you people out their makin fun of OP, stop it. she was trying to do something nice and I respect that. I also have the utmost respect for mentally challenged people. and my mom works with kids like that, they're no different than you or me, they usually only learn differently. so people who make fun of the mentally challenged, go f yourselves.


I'm kind of with 12. I have a mentally challenged brother, however, and if I saw a girl do this I would appreciate it and think it was really sweet, but if I were him I would probably be mildly offended.

  020266t  |  5

...not all autistic people are as stupid as your saying, most of 'em are indeed seemingly stupid in their early years, but as an adult, they function a lot like a normal person.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

Take the 'retarded' out of it. A guy who just got rejected, rejected her by saying he only dances with pretty girls and he doesn't think the OP is one.


  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Must agree with iGreen.
I mean, she was trying to be nice. Was it a kind of pitying? Sure, but that doesn't mean he has to be an ass about it. Handicap is no excuse for rudeness.... unless it's Tourettes.
People who won't accept (certain kinds of) pity/mercy from others need to get off their high horse and realize just because someone has pity for you doesn't mean they're being condescending. Offering a dance, she was just trying to be nice. If I were to offer a child my ice cream when they dropped theirs, is that me being a complete douche because I DARED to take pity?

  letitbe56  |  0

To be fair, his disability may make it difficult for him to grasp concepts like rudeness or politeness. I think the FML here is that the girl was told she wasn't pretty by someone who had no ulterior motives in saying it, who likely even lacks the ability to lie.


obviously you have not ever been around those who are socially challenged, first the term mentally retarded is old school, the more respectful term is mentally challenged, retarded is for those who have no respect or compassion for the human race...and those who are more socially inept will speak truth, not saying that you are ugly , just saying he said what he was thinking which is what most who aren't mentally handicapped tend not to do.....