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  blissmiss17  |  16

#1- your sense of humor was mildly inappropriate for the nature of the FML, and that's an understatement

  yahoowizard  |  16

I repeat this often here but FML isn't meant to be a serious place but rather a place to joke around on and just a more casual setting. That being said, this joke made me laugh inside more than it should have.


I didn't realize this was sixbillionsecrets or other sites similar, I'd advise those with such a small sense of humor or sense of sarcasm to go elsewhere because as one of the staff has said before, this is fml it was made for funny, stupid, ironic, or mildly awful yet still kindof humorous things. it's not like #1 was joking about anyone that meant anything to you guys

in my twisted mind that comment was actually really funny. whoops I must be an awful person for that

  Ki11erC  |  18

Next you'll be asking us to jump on the feels train. While slightly moderated I see FML as a tamer version of 9gag when it comes to comments, try this FML over there and watch the comments get 1000x worse.

  MsMourningStar  |  22

How is the inappropriate? That is a very sad thing. And it's totally an FML if someone you like and are dating dies! I mean it sucks for everyone that knew that person so what's so wrong and "inappropriate" about OP sharing her sadness with us on a site that's about sharing the fucked up shit that happens to you in life?

  idknicholle  |  14

That's dumb. I was with a guy for 3 yrs and we met on MySpace.. for the first year we lived 8 hours away, then he moved here and we spent two pretty good years together... He just wasn't the one! I met my current bf online and we lived down the road from each otber our whole lives... he's my best friend and we've been going strong for two years... so YES! It CAN work... they both have to be involved, not just one of them.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Yeah, I met my boyfriend on Okcupid, of course it doesn't work out all the time, but online dating is becoming more popular and there are some decent people on dating sites.

  sunnyray812  |  42

My fiancé and I met on a YouTube video. We started out as friends which then led to best friends. We have now been in a relationship for one year and ten months (on the 11th of this month). Our relationship is lovely. Other people also have successful online relationships, so don't you dare say they never work.

  DraconicFeline  |  31

#100, no, no he is not lol. It was on a competitive battling website. Pokèmon Showdown, to be specific...anyway, he started by complimenting my battling style/team-building skills, and it went from there. We're planning to meet up over the summer.