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  jake_braves  |  25

1, if it's a habit to spit it's just an instinct and it just happens. Ik it's not good.

Haha I've done something similar OP. I feel you. It's alright though just say sorry. Lol

  NotAWalnut  |  9

I sincerely hope that something as minor as accidentally being spit on is not traumatizing for a 10 year-old, albeit they probably deemed the situation to be rather upsetting. I also find it highly likely that OP apologized considering that OP felt it was an FML moment and used the word "accidentally" in reference to the incident.

  cadillacgal79  |  32

I'm in no sports, yet I spit all the time, I might be the only girl that does so at my school. I feel OP doesn't deserve this, how was he suppose to know that somebody was coming up behind him? Assuming that he was only a little way from the players you'd expect no other people not involved in the game out on the field.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Why bother to put that you don't do sports if you exercise all the time? It's basically the same reason. Besides, even if you think it's okay when you are exercising, you definitely shouldn't do it when you're not. Gross and unhygienic.

  jerryj  |  27

Based on negative votes for both options, OP shouldn't have spat nor swallowed.

The other logical option then would be to fish it out with a sponge.