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Today, I was sitting at a traffic light when a cute girl appeared at the side of the road. I sat and watched her until she had crossed, when I realised that I had missed the light. A large queue of cars had built up behind me, yet none of them used their horn because I was driving my police car. FML
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You, OP, are the epitome of police incompetence. Congratulations.


I'm surprised they let you be a cop with such improper grammar.

Actually he was hired because of his grammar.

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It's fixed! Sorry about that. ;-)

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That is cool. I could just imagine that and it's really funny.

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Girls can just appear? I didn't know that 0_0 DAMN MY 'Y' CHROMOSOME!

Rachel replied it's fixed. are you the OP?

A red ribbon means the poster is a Moderator, whereas a blue one indicates the OP.

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But paying attention to the ribbon system would be too easy. Or they're on their phone.

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Yea, I'm on my phone, so I don't see a ribbon or know who's who. How many mods are there? So far, I know about Didi, Alan, Sirin and now Rachel (whom I never knew of before.) Are there many more mods or is it top secret?

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We have an army of moderators. I've been a moderator for quite some time, but, of course, we lurk far more than we comment. ;-)

You mentioned the top-secret army. God damn it, Rachel.

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We must revolt before they silence us forev..... -dead-

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What the bejesus is a moderator? Is that some kind of foot disease?

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Hit the sirens & do a 0-60 test.

why does my smart phone make me sound so stupid? I was kinda clinging on the hope of one hot cop chic checking out another. it played out better in my head then your ribbon system.

my favorite moderator so far is sirin just sayin ;) but someone needs to fix the disappearing comment thing :(

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oh the magic of being a cop. u can get away with pretty much anything

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OP, Cops like you are the reason the phrase '**** da Police' was invented.

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Actually, it was made when cops wouldn't help everyone, mainly black people. It wasn't made because some are stupid.

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well and I say **** da moderators! naw I love em

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how is this a bad thing? waste of a post dick

stfu douche. he was at a traffic light watching a cute girl walkin by, thus accidentally holding up traffic. he was just pointing out no one had done anything because he's a police officer. if I was a cop and held up traffic people are going to think I'm a horrible cop. op, it happens to the best of us... cop or not.

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see its good u were drivin ur cop car or some big guy probably would have smashed your window in but if u thought she was cute u should have had a conversation with her and hooked up

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"hey you! yes you, crossing the road! fancy coming over to my car for a conversation while we hold these cars up even more?" they could have had a conversation while he was driving... how, exactly? and he probably didn't even know her?

u deserve a spank!! I can imagine how would those piled up drivers feel if they found out the reason you stuck there ...

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Op's too. It takes a pretty good body to distract a police officer from coffee shops and bs ticket writing for an entire traffic light.

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I'm not seeing the FML in this. you're lucky you were in a police car or someone might've raged against your car, and if these cars were smart, they would've changes lanes.. unless, of course, there was only one lane in that direction. Maybe the FML here is that you didn't get the girl's number, even after holding up traffic staring at her. If that's the case, YDI.

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that's a darling but sad pic! love it!

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should have ran that bitch over

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