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Today, I played with a boomerang my first time. I didn't believe that when you threw it, it comes right back to you. It flew back all right. And broke my nose. FML
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Haha. I didn't believe it ether....

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I'm calling a fake....sorry.


Epic fail much

Actually, a boomerang WON'T come back if it hits something. But if it did hit something, I guess you'd have to walk up there to collect the hunted animal.

actually, you're wrong. The first boomerangs created were in fact designed to NOT come back. the just went straight. Also, how would you expect one to comeback after it hits something? that doesnt make sense.

The point was that it came back if it missed the animal. So you could throw it again, and try to hit the animal again. Regardless, OP should have at least seen it coming. Boomerangs don't make sharp turns, so even if you're not expecting it to come back, you can see it's going to.

There are two boomerangs, the straight stick and the curved one. The curved one is designed to return to its user - obviously not after having hit a target. But, I must say, kudos on actually working a boomerang the first time! Sure, I can get boomerangs to return, halfway or more, but a full cycle to then hit you hard enough and accurately enough on your nose... wow. I've only seen a few aboriginals do that.

Boomerang 101 for newbs: Ive used several boomerangs as a kid and have actually made one, neither are too dificult. Ive even gotten the rang to spin past me. So this is what I do. 1. Hold one end and point the other into the wind in a field. 2. Jerk your wrist whilst throwing it baseball style in the air not at the ground. Ive had noobs break several like that. 3. It will fly in the air vertically, flip horizontally, and begin its return. 4. Sidestep to catch it, it will normally return near you. 5. Catch it, but pull your hand back to lessen the sting. Congrats, you have mastered Boomerang 101 :P.

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I'm sorry, but this is bullshit. I own a boomerang, and I couldn't make it come back and precisely hit me in the nose if I tried 20 times. Considering it was your first time, you don't have the technique down. And considering you should be able to see the flight pattern of the boomerang, you would have been able to react. This FML has fake written all over it

Ive done it, and hit myself with it. It took like 3 hours, but I did it. /was really bored

dude bullshit the boomarang doesnt flip horizontally you dumb ass it fucking curves and comes back around lol your an epic fail right there mate

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I agree with you. My first time throwing a boomerang was awful.

Right-O; this isn't legend of Zelda, the boomerang isn't going to hit multiple enemies and come soaring back into your hands gracefully.

I disagree when I was a kid my very first time throwing a boomerang I had it fly back and hit me right in the head.. it is most definitely possible... just not likely

"The first boomerangs created were in fact designed to NOT come back." That's not a boomerang. That's a stick.

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lmfao #81

Duh. It's a very specific kind of stick designed for hunting. Just throwing an ordinary stick at an animal you're trying to hunt doesn't do much.

Haha. I didn't believe it ether....

me either!

I call fake, there's a technique to throwing them that is actually quite difficult to learn, you'd have to know how to do it for it to come back to you...

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Yeah, I agree 36. I never really thought they came back to you either untill I saw like a pro do it. Then when I tried it myself, the best I could do was get it to come back a few yards, never all the way. Maybe the OP's just got some great beginers luck but I still have a hard time believing its strong enough to get the boomerang all the way back to you..

IA. I live in Australia, and at the beginning of this year I tried it out at the Brisbane Catholic Education Aboriginal Workshop, and after many, many tries it never came back. No one that was there that day had it come back to them, except for the kids that lived there with their parents, who ran the workshop.

woah epic fail right there man. Trust me boomerangs do come back. So does everything else. cept for maybe relationships and shit.

I still don't believe it cause' I don't have a boomerang but you should, you have a broken nose. I'm sorry this had to happed. FYL. But some ice on it.

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What DID you think a boomerang was? Yeah, they come back..

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I'm calling a fake....sorry.

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I agree with your fake. Making a boomerang actually come back at you requires knowing how to throw one properly. My father had one when I was a kid and he was able to throw it, but I was never able to replicated how it's done (and I used to be on the ultimate Frisbee team in my high school).

You can always get lucky on your first try throwing a boomerang

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Beginner's Luck...simple enough. Though I guess it did not turn out as lucky as it could have.

I have to agree as well. The odds of someone throwing a boomerang for the first time and it actually returning (and having enough force to break a nose) is slim to none. Though if it does happen to be real, I'm assuming - after a quick look for how to throw a boomerang - the OP threw it like a frisbee, which can apparently cause the boomerang to veer up and come back down toward the thrower. In which case, the OP is an idiot for not looking up how to throw what was originally designed as a weapon.

You just threw it and didn't watch it? If you were watching it you would have ducked or something.

I really want a boomerang now...

believing has nothing to do with it. you just have shorty reflexes

Why does at least one person on every story have to call fake? Who cares? Just read the story, laugh, and get on with your life. If you think everything on here is fake, stop visiting this website cuz no one wants to hear you complain. As for the OP, my advice is to ice your nose regularly to try and prevent a permanent bump.

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I agree. Fake or not, you can still respect someone's messed up life.