By Anonymous - 12/09/2009 18:58 - United States

Today, I had a soccer game. A player from the other team hit me in the face. In the next half, she was the goalie and I was determined to score on her. When I finally got my chance to, everyone cheered, until I kicked the ball into the goal post and it bounced back and hit me in the face. FML
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sigma941 0

Now that is shit irony!!!

lol, that happened to me, but instead with a baseball. I was the pitcher, and I threw it, my grandpa hit it and it hit me right in the face. I had a bloody nose, but he gave me a dollar!


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First to reply to the first person who commented! Weeeeeee! I'll save you the insulting comments since I really don't give a damn and neither should anybody else -_-.

Gia0896 0 that all?

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why are people so obsessed with being first?

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no, your #20. LMAO

#12, I guess it's kind of neat being the first person to comment on something, but it's really stupid and annoying when someone has to post that they are first; especially when that's all their comment says @[email protected]


Guys, stop feeding the damn trolls. Just give them a thumbs down and read on. To the OP: When playing sport, don't play with anger or trying to impress someone. Just play normally (strong and hard), without vengeance and/or trying to redeem yourself.

YDI for not calling it football like you should have.

Malak21 4

YDI for misspelling the European name for soccer, it's Futibol! Kill yourself for thinking your clever you ass nugget!

I hope #55 is trolling or being sarcastic. Otherwise, I must say, "God, you're fucking dumb."

High five! Exactly what I was going to say ^^

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woot woot 13th to comment on the first comment LOL!

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cuz theyve never been first b4 in their life let em have something


but seriously sometimes wires things happen. 1 time I dribbled past the goalie and was right in front of the goal and somehow missed. that turned out to be the first game in 2 seasons I didn't score in

#20 is my hero =D

enormouselephant 15

Well punch her at the end of the game then!

There's a button for that.

sigma941 0

Now that is shit irony!!!

xodsliceox 0

haha that happened to me once...a girl kicked me on purpose and i was determined to show her she cant get by me when she was doing a corner kick...well when she kicked it...i did a head butt and i scored on my team...fml(:

Oh the irony XD Kinda sucks for you though

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I'm a real twat, I can't help myself sometimes.

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Okay, I was trolling, and some one hacked my account and changed my comment. I intended to just make an annoying comment, but some one hacked my account. Sorry, I am resigning from my position as a troll.

#46, you know, the FML staff can change your comments if they like. Maybe you should take the hint and not be a twat....?

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Sorry didnt know, since I am sort of new to fml. But, it doesnt make me a twat that I dont know that, and like I said, I am resigning from being a troll. I am becoming a new FML commenter.

I know. I was just saying, SOMEONE is trying to inform you that they think you're a twat. Welcome to the group of FMLers. :)

lol, that happened to me, but instead with a baseball. I was the pitcher, and I threw it, my grandpa hit it and it hit me right in the face. I had a bloody nose, but he gave me a dollar!

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Wow, a whole dollar?!!

self pwn, awesome

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#8 wins at life.

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Haha ouch

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hii everybody