By Leadamp - 15/05/2012 22:39

Today, I found out the hard way that it is possible to sunburn the soles of your feet. FML
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Leadamp tells us more.

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We where in Spain and I was reading a book by the pool.

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Kind of an unfitting comment, it's not even a playoff of the FML.

OP, what in hell caused that to happen? That sounds painful!

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18- Hm, I dunno, how about the fact that you WALK on your feet?!

How do you get a sunburn on the bottom of your feet?

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Threadjackers. 1's comment stinks, but your reply SHOULD be related to her moronic comment.

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I don't even want to make fun of you, OP. That just sounds painful.

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Read this as Caboose from RvB. Anyone else?

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Did someone call for a hairy plumber?..Bow chika wow wow!....

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If you lay down on your stomach when you sun tan, the bottoms of your feet are exposed. That can, in turn, lead to burnt feet. Which sucks. I'd know.

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That is exactly how it happened. I'm ok now but for a couple of days it was very sore

@91- I'm from Ireland too,how the hell did you manage to get sunburned in this weather? Granted it was sunny for a while.

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We where in Spain and I was reading a book by the pool.

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91: UP TIPP WE'LL BEAT YE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I guess you won't be able to run that marathon that you've been training for...

57 - Erm, it's "no pain, no gain", just FYI.

How the hell you do that? That sounds painful as hell

Well the way I did it a few years back was; I was coming back from the beach and it was about 40 degrees Celsius on the road and I had sand on my feet so I was walking with no shoes on my feet and I was walking on the hot road. That's one way, I couldn't stand in my shower when I got home. It really is painful, but it heals in a week or two :)

Wouldn't that just be a normal burn instead of a sunburn?

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Yeah ive been having alot of trouble tanning my palms do you have any tips for that too

Thanks for the info #84 but wouldn't it be a regular burn like #96 said? But still sounds painful.

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were you walking on your hands all day?

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Ew, sunblock on your feet would be... sticky.

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SUN has used Sunburn on OPs FEET. It was very effective..... The wild OPs FEET has fainted!

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Put aloe on it; it'll help :)

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19 you can't talk about bad comments, with your horrible #1 comment.

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Telling me to grow up, while you have pot as your profile picture. Yea ok.

What does that have to do with anything...

You two, just get a room and **** each others' brains out already. Jesus ****, the sexual tension is palpable.

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