By Anonymous - United States
Today, due to the cold, windy weather, I decided to wear my brand-new cute (and expensive) jacket that has a faux-fur hood. As I walked down the street, numerous PETA members attacked me with red liquid. I'm a Vegan and an animal-rights activist. FML
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  acidburnz1107  |  10

IM with # 1 on this. While reading it i was. Thinking wouldn't a vegan not wear fur at all, fake or not. To me wearing the fake fur. Means u like how it looks. So in theory u like how dead animals look on u.just my opinion

  whoisthisgirl  |  4

they don't necessarily think the animals are better.. just a lot of animals shouldn't be treated like shit, tested on.. yada yada

and the ASPCA is alright. though I feel like they humanly euthanize a lot more animals than the should. they put 181 4 month old and up to 7 year old pit bulls to sleep. they didn't even give them a second chance... the puppies definitely deserved some help..

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  aFro_fml  |  0

Why do vegetarians eat Boca Burgers?? Because it's tasty, and it's the easiest vegetarian item to find on most menus. Why would an animal rights activist wear faux fur? Because it's warm, it looks good, and has the benefit of allowing peace of mind since you know it's fake.

It only undermines your cause if you're a simple minded extremist, content to spill fake blood first and ask questions never.

  vampirerebel  |  0

I am a vegetarian animal rights activist who wears fake fur because it is soft. It's 100% synthetic, and looks nice, why should it bother me? I own synthetic leather shoes, too, because, again, it's not hurting anyone, and I like the way it looks. I'm opposed to the killing of innocent animals for fashion, not fashion itself. It's not hypocritical at all. If vegetarians had to stay away from anything that that was designed to resemble animals they would starve. Get over it

  Natsumi_Ryuu  |  4

This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read. What right does anyone have to throw red liquid all over her? Whether she was wearing real fur or not, no one has the right to come ruin her clothing. They didn't need to know. They should have left her alone, and honestly I think PETA members that do that should be arrested for assault.

  RusselFaraday  |  0

she didn't hurt an animal. she just like the look and feel of fur. if I hated what was used to produce sweet tea, I still like the taste of sweet tea, I just don't like the methods used to produce it. I find an alternative. that's what she did and some dickheads mess up her coat. how hard can it be to be a dickhead? you just have to make sure that ur heads a dick and it's attached to ur neck


Are you serious??? People deserve to be attacked because of what they choose to wear?? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. People have a right to their belief system and morals, but they don't have the right to force it on other people.

  ygdrassil  |  17

Vegetarians eat faux meat. People who don't believe in industrial farming buy (as an alternative) small-scsle agricultured meat. And animal rights activists can wear faux fur. And OP, you should have those people prosecuted.

By  stegd133  |  0

PETA is full of bs, there's actually a great video about it -
and you can probably press not only civil charges but criminal too, the whole re liquid thing may count as assault depending on the circumstances.