By BritneyFink - 04/02/2009 21:05 - Canada

Today, I bought a jacket with real fur on it. Turns out, i'm allergic and now my ears look like they have herpes on them. FML
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Chocolate_Chunk 2

because needlessly killing an animal (fake fur is just as good, if not better) for your vanity is totally the same as killing one for food.

alwaysalady 0

I have a fur coat. My sister in law got all kinds of upset, until I pointed out she was eating a burger and calling me a murderer. Then she shut up.


Dr_Phil 0

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PITA is gonna kill u asshole.

feelslikeanoose 0

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The Thrift shop ! What do you know about wearin a fur fox skin?

alwaysalady 0

I have a fur coat. My sister in law got all kinds of upset, until I pointed out she was eating a burger and calling me a murderer. Then she shut up.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

because needlessly killing an animal (fake fur is just as good, if not better) for your vanity is totally the same as killing one for food.

zakkyzebra 11

or it was cow fur and they just didn't want to waste the rest of the cow

iamironman97 0

people are dumbasses. THE ANIMAL WAS ALREADY DEAD.

At least the cow that was killed for the hamburger also made wallets, shoes, belts, etc. The numerous small critters murdered solely for fur served no other purpose.

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The same reason why a person would buy a brand name shirt instead of a cheaper one. People since the beginning of time prefer things that are uncommon and authentic. Not encouraging fur coats...Just answering your question.

Because buying the real thing is better than buying a fake. Would you buy a fake iPhone over a real iPhone? What about a fake car instead of a real car? Fake food instead of real food? Buying real things instead of fake ones is just so pointless though, right?

A faux fur coat doesn't have any difference in performance as opposed to a real fur coat, while in your example 174 a fake iphone wouldn't work very well, I can't drive a fake car, and fake food sounds really tasty.

Magali_fml 0

doesn't it depend what kind of fur it is? If it's rabbit for instance, the animal probably got killed to be eaten anyway, why lose the fur?

No, do everyone a favour and google fur farms. 90% of the fur comes from china and the animals are brutally killed to remove the fur, or kept alive in the process. Watch any video on the subject and see if you ever defend someone wearing a fur jacket again....

When was the last time you saw rabbit meat for sale?

the last time I went to the grocery store

My favourite part is anyone telling the OP that they're a murderer. He/she didn't actually kill the animal...

No he/she just supports the real murderers. It's sort of like guilt by association. He/she endorses the people who killed the animal, which makes him/her a murderer as well.

Yes and by wearing clothes that were made in third world countries by children (or adults, depends) in very poor condition for very little salary, that's not guilt by association? Same goes for buying toys, off-season fruits, etc etc. I'm sick of the people that walk around, draping themselves in the idea that they're yelling for a good cause because they say they think it's just terrible to buy and wear fur, screaming for murder. I know most of the animals are tortured and/or skinned alive. But not all of them. There are some fur clothing lines that do not mistreat animals but still sell fur. And I love animals; I, myself, would never willingly or knowingly harm one. But if I want to wear the fur coat my mother-in-law passed on to me last Christmas when I'm cold, I don't want to have some ignorant twats protesting against it, nor do I want to be called a murderer. For example: I eat and love eating meat. Does that make me a monster? And I like my fur coat, because it's soft, warm and has a reassuring something; maybe because my great-grand-mother had a fur coat that passed on to my grand-mother and then to my mother and, when I was younger and we had financial difficulties and it was cold, my mom would put the fur coat over my blankets to make sure I slept okay. But that's just me. Although I'd never by fur, I still wouldn't go protesting against people that wear and/or own fur because, hell! mankind has been wearing the skins of animals for centuries! And I know: the "it has been so for ages!" is not an actual argument, but neither is the "you murder animals". I do protest against the mistreating of animals, against the people that use live dogs as shark baits or to smuggle drugs, or simply against the mass productions of meat because cows, chickens and/or pigs (I don't know about sheep though) are, in most cases, pumped with hormones, psychologically and/or physically abused... And to make sure we understand each other, I'm going to be a tat more precise: I like fur only when it's not from an endangered species. My fur coat is made of mink(*), not bengal tiger or polar bear. I'm actually quite against poachers and total inhilation of species just to satisfy futile vanity, and I'm working on a national park type project. I think it's great the some human beings fight for animal rights, even though most of them just go with the flow, don't really care about the whole fur thing but just want to have something they can complain and gossip about and/or people they can hate and critisize... But in the meantime, humans turn their back on their own species and would rather fight for some animals that (*)are specially bred for fur (minks, for example) to be "safe" than to engage in the much more difficult task of fighting for an equal and fair human co-habitation on earth. But we all know that's not gonna happen. Mankind would rather blow up entire cities than put its close-minded prejudices aside for a second. I'm just saying: most of the contra-fur activists (or non-activists) are hypocrites. And most of these hypocrites are jealous hypocrites that, once they have their own fur, just shut up and crawl back to that bitter whole they came from. And here's a tip: when you want people to read what you have to say, think about what you just wrote/said and/or take you seriously, stop spitting poor and repetitive insultes as if your life depends on it, don't walk around agressing "pro-fur" people just because they don't believe in the same things your group does and try and start making sense, building actual sentences with verbs and no SMS language. Also, the usual "Murderer!" "Poor little bunny!" "You're wearing animal skin!" has been used so often that people kinda got used to it and it really doesn't work much anymore (especially if you, yourself, eat meat and wear or own leather); in France, for example, activists organized themselves, got an authorization and had to make sure no kids would walk by during their gathering. And do you know what they did? They just sat or stood there, some of them holding boards that were filled with facts, numbers, photos and one that said "Look your victims in the eye" or something like that. The ones that did not have their hands full with boards, do you know what they held? Corpses of animals. A dead bunny, a dead bird, chunks of fresh meat... See these people knew what they were doing, knew what they were protesting against, did not walk around with some stupid megaphone, did not turn purple with rage when they saw someone oh-so-different than themselves. They just showed the ugly truth. I'm just saying: throwing a tantrum like a spoiled kid that tries to be a smart-ass does NOT help your cause. Au contraire, mon cher!

Ninjasaurus18 9

World's truest (and I believe longest) comment I've ever read.

^ Too educated for your own good

serves you right you animal killing ****

Mm conversations like this are best served with a cut of nice rare steak.

Well... You deserved it xD

laurades8 0

Oh PLEASE! All you f'ing PETA people. I bet most of you wear leather and don't even know it. It's not their fault they didn't know they were allergic and now they WONT wear fur cause they cant. Chill. You probs all eat meat too. Hypocrites... The only people who "I exclude are those who actually know something. #25 , 28... ext.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

because also using the skin of the cow when you get the meat is bad, but killing an animal just for the fur is great.

PETA is people for the ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS. That doesn't mean they are all a bunch of tree hugging vegans.