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Today, I was lectured by a self-professed vegan over my "barbaric" eating habits, in between her scarfing down a tuna fish sandwich. FML
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theninja1800 11

Out of all the types of annoying douchebags in the world, hypocrites are the worst.

Please show her a book to read. It seems that knowledge from reading is become a hipster thing.


Please show her a book to read. It seems that knowledge from reading is become a hipster thing.

theninja1800 11

Out of all the types of annoying douchebags in the world, hypocrites are the worst.

wlddog 14

Vegans rank pretty high up there too.

Please don't do that. Most vegans are not annoying assholes that preach to everyone. It's just that those are the only ones you notice because the rest of us are keeping quiet and respectful. You only hear from/about the annoying ones but they are not the majority, truly.

It's just a small minority of vegans making all of them look bad.

websphere69 27

so lets just barbeque them then....

Vegans don't eat, nor use, anything that derive from the animal kingdom.

There is no true vegan you know. Even plastic grocery bags have animal byproducts. Look up all the ridiculous stuff that contain animal byproducts. Chewing gum, glue, makeup, lotion, etc.

if you ever look it's always the bad or annoying version of everything that people know the most about: ISIS, Westboro, elitist vegans, hipocryts, and the like.

Hi, actual vegan here. This person is not a vegan as they are still contributing to animal cruelty (wtf FISH IS NOT VEGAN GUYS). Please ignore what ever they say as they are obviously not very educated.

if you fish for your own fish, is it animal cruelty? l am genuinely curious.

34- yes. Imagine having someone drive a big hook into your mouth, then dragging you down into the ocean by that hook and either letting you drown or smashing your head in to kill you. Fishing causes fear and pain to the fish no matter how you do it. However, fishing for yourself is definitely better for the environment and for your own health (farmed fish are full of chemicals and hormones and are not very healthy) so I would still say its a better choice than buying fish from the supermarket.

No one cares about how people eat the reproductive organs of some plants. :c

44 - I hate to sound like an asshole, but why should I care if the fish that I catch feels pain?

unixdude 9

That's some Grade A horse shit there. If everyone who wanted a fish actually fished for themselves it would be an ecological disaster. Fuel spent traveling, broken lines, bait, the supporting infrastructure to provide 4-6 billion people with tackle - you have to be pretty narrow minded to think commercial and farm fishing are worse.

34, IMO, as a vegetarian, no. It's not like you're mutilating the fish. It's honorable if it died a fast death & if you appreciate your food (by not wasting it, acknowledging that you're blessed for having that food)

******* vegans... always lying or complaining about something. I heard one say at a restaurant that she wanted an entire new plate of food, after she ate half, because the steak was touching the corn.

Sonfang 19

Perhaps OP is not aware of the many different labels for the vegetarian lifestyle, and assumed no meat equals vegan. But it is possible that the "vegan" could actually be a Pescatarian, which is a vegetarian that eats seafood/fish. I practice this and most times I eat only fruits and veggies, but occasionally consume poor little fish. However, that does not give me the right to preach or attack anyone who eats land animal flesh, like my family of hunters or my fiancé and his family of hunters. I ask the god and goddess to bless the animals that gave their lives and ask that the food consumed will nourish our bodies just like everyone else that prays before they eat. People that act like this "vegan" give the rest of the people that practice it a bad name.

Vegans are the best! It is really disgusting eating corpses. Would you eat anything touched by a piece of dead human? I wouldn't, that's for sure and I'm just a vegetarian, yet. /Proud mother of a vegan girl

The definition of vegan is no animal products and by-products whatsoever, so there's really no grey area on this one.

#82, why would a "vegan" order a steak dish?

65 What are you on about? Of course it's cruelty. You're KILLING the thing. It's debatable how much pain fish actually feel compared to other animals, it's obviously not as bad as, say, torturing it and it doesn't mean that you have to feel bad for it (I would but not everyone would) but it's definitely still cruelty.

@133: Nearly everything that lives kills. So I guess just about every living thing is engaged in cruelty. Plants are living things and many things, including vegans, vegetarians, cows, horses, sheep, and zebras, kill plants by devouring them or at the very least eating their reproductive parts as I mentioned earlier in a comment. Besides plants, how many microorganisms do you kill every day? There are a number of things that you probably find acceptable to kill like bacteria for example. Bacteria are living things, but your immune system is killing the poor things all the time. We're all murderers of microorganisms. To live is to kill off some organism or another. If you somehow managed to avoid killing off the animal and plant kingdoms, then you'd still be killing those microorganisms. To put more simply, every living thing in the world is a murderer.

#125... how the **** should I know why she ordered a steak. I don't even know or care what a vegan is. I just know they are a ******* weird people... that's for sure.

I never said it's possibile to go around and not kill stuff. Even ignoring micro-organisms I'm sure I've unwittingly stepped on bugs now and then. I just said that I find ending something's life to be cruel. Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes it's not so necessary. But, as you said, you're still killing stuff which I think kind of sucks for the thing that's dying...I'm less inclined to say that killing bacteria, etc. is cruel because I am doubtful they're aware of the existence but if it's part of the animalia class then I definitely think it's cruel...but as I said, that doesn't mean it's always unnecessary/avoidable. That's a separate question though.

150- So you're saying that lions are being cruel when they take down a zebra to feed their cubs? Do you really think crocodiles give a damn about "cruelty" when they're snapping up baby wildebeest? No! They kill and eat to live just the same as we do. My ancestors were just fine with killing and eating animals to feed themselves and their families, and so am I, and so should you. If your great great great great grandpappy never killed any furry woodland critters to survive, you wouldn't be here.

Cruelty is defined as "causing pain or suffering," so of course killing an animal could be considered cruel. I wouldn't say euthanization is cruel, since it is designed to be as painless as possible, but most animal deaths in the food industry are not painless.

im vegetarian and i hate it when people think that fish and chicken dont count as meat. i know loads of 'vegans' and 'vegetarians' who eat fish and chicken. i dont understand how people can be so dim!

Dolphins are a vegetable? When did that happen?

Dolphins? It's a Tuna sandwich. Plus, there is more to sustenance than meat and vegetables.

Maybe people aren't getting the joke.. Tuna is attacked by animal rights activists due to the fishing methods used to catch them accidentally harming dolphins, it was found that certain brands of tuna contained dolphin meat. And another level, the vegan was complaining about brutality, but eating a sandwich that could contain dolphin is pretty brutal by vegan standards.

My owner gets me the especial tuna that comes with some dolphin.

so harnessing tuna is okay once dolphins aren't harmed? Color me even more confused about vegan..ism?

Hmm seems like girl doesn't know what she signed up for. It's one thing to be an ignorant vegetarian and eat the wrong foods but to claim VEGAN and eat tuna...on regular bread..for shame.

To be fair, there are lots of tricky foods with vegetarianism d: but Tuna is just obvious. Gelatin, for example, is in yogurts and jello and marshmallows, but you typically don't look at those things and think of them as non vegetarian unless you stumble across it on the Internet or someone tells you.

Sonfang 19

Well it also depends on what form of vegetarianism they practice. When I first started I was Lacto-ovo vegetarian, on top of veggies I still consumed dairy and eggs. I've recently adjusted my eating habits to Pescatarian, which means I eat fish/seafood but no land animals. So sometimes it's not ignorance it's diet choice, I had a class mate and her daughter has been a vegan for several years, except for one place, chick fil a, because of it's religious status, and that was the only place she'd eat any meat like once a month.

Do you mean vegan? I thought vegetarians could eat by products like eggs and cheese

Vegetarians don't eat animals, fish are animals. The stupid human could possibly claim to be a pescetarian.

Sonfang 19

#91 some vegetarians do eat dairy, eggs, and other non-meat byproducts, some don't.

87 that is ridiculous, and I hate to use this cliche, but it's a slippery slope. Certainly there are other meat-eaters that you will agree with philosophically. But good on them for challenging themselves to maintain a mostly vegan lifestyle. Just use your Chick-fil-A money to support a church or religious charity.

Sonfang 19

I don't eat chick fil a, I only eat fish, fruit, veggies, and dairy/egg products. I wouldn't drop a penny into any current church or religious charity, as I'm not a monotheist or a Christian. I stated in my comment above that a former classmates daughter did that practice, and has for several years. As for why my above comment is getting negative votes I can only assume people think I'm referring to myself in the comment. I'm a pescatarian currently, and have been a vegetarian before. I don't hate meat eaters as my entire family and fiancé eat meat. I have no problem cooking it or cleaning it, I have no problem with hunters or fishermen.

What type of hypocritical shit? You should make her look up "vegan" on the internet and tell her that tuna is fish...

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I never understand why vegans and vegetarian always want to judge us meat eaters .... Cool you don't eat meat, "supposedly " ok shut the **** up and let me enjoy my ribs

Don't generalize so much. I have never said anything along those lines, to someone eating meat. It is entirely a personal choice. I acknowledge that some do that, though. But, I've also had people literally shove their burgers etc. in my face, to try and make me eat it. Everyone should just respect peoples individual choices more! :)

Because personal choice stops when you're killing and harming others. Just like being a rapist isn't a "personal choice."

@ Benchyface Did you just seriously compare eating a burger with being a rapist? What is wrong with you?

Sorry to shit on your parade, but humans have been omnivorous for many thousands of years. Meat good. It's natural to us. What's next, are you going to bitch at lions for killing zebra?

@31 You eat plants right? Well those are living things too, you murderer! Plus you should think about how many little microorganisms your immune system kills so that you can live. Perhaps you should think about how many deaths of living things that you have caused in your life time before criticizing someone else.

poor thirty one figuring the worst things to happen to a person is equal to that of eating a burger.

RedPillSucks 31

And when you rip them out of the ground, they scream. Remember the mandrake root in Harry potter?

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Wow what idiot thinks eating meat and rape are even remotely close? Unless you live in a place where there is rules to regulate rape... Yes factory farms are awful places, so are slaughter houses... But here's the thing- they don't traumatize animals for life- they are dead. I was vegetarian til recently (and still mostly am outside small amounts of fish to aid with chronic health issues), and as a rape victim I find your comment appalling. That said, I was vegetarian for over a decade and never judged anyone for eating meat. I'd offer people information on which to base their choices, give them options for more humans sources of meat, teach them how to cook vegetarian if they wished. I never judged though

It's funny that every single comment you screamed at me I've answered about 100 times and won all of the debates. Short: humans aren't omnivores, meat is not healthy (new study shows that vegan diet fights cancer 70-80% better and makes us avoid high BP and diabetes), if you compare plants being picked to a cows throat being slit after years of torture, you are crazy. Basically it's good for you health, it's the easiest way to stop world hunger, stop the lack of fresh water, stop global warming and generally cures all the issues in the ****** up world, like it or not. But people think that their tastebud and indoctrinated minds are more important than these issues. Not bothering to explain facts and sources to raging, ignorant and close minded people.

Omg are you being serious now? Yes, vegetarian and vegan are good lifestyles, healthy and whatever. Your problem is that you CANNOT call people close minded and worse things because they eat meat! Humans ARE omnivores, the perfect diet would balance white meat and fish together with vegetables and some dairy, mostly excluding red meat. Furthermore, out of your comments the only thing that everyone got is that you are extremely rude and EXACTLY the kind of vegan/vegetarian person which goes around thinking to be superior. People, it's called RESPECT. Everyone needs to respect each other's choices, and that's it!

#106 I wouldn't bother telling her that. Have you looked at her profile? She is one of those people that believes everything she thinks and feels is 100% correct and is someone differs in opinion on something then they are idiotic and ignorant. I call these people "Moose."

Seriously Benchyface? It's people like you that need to have the stupid beat out of them! Not only are your viewpoints ridiculous, you gave them in the bitchiest way possible!

Benchyface, it is people like you who give us vegetarians a bad name. Please, respect other peoples choices more, and stop spouting garbled nonsense. :-)

I'm not saying all we should eat is meat. Thus the word omnivore. You know, that word that means you eat both meat AND plants? Meat, at least before we left the hunter-gatherer phase, was the only food source that could be relied on in all seasons. Before we grew our own food, and developed irrigation and other farming techniques, if you lived in a desert, or a tundra environment, you couldn't just find a nice veggie to munch one when everything was frozen over, or there hadn't been rainfall. And now, yes, we can pretty reliably grow things year-round...but that doesn't mean we've stopped eating meat, nor does it mean we should. Go chew a carrot, think about how it's a living thing as well, and shut the hell up.

Oh, and it solves all the issues? Sorry, but a salad isn't going to stop a murderous rampage, or someone chewing on some nice, tasty cow (or rape, as you like to call it).

103 actually, being omnivorous is defined as eating both meat and plants. I eat meat, veggies, and salads. Therfore, by definition, many people are actually omnivores. Consuming meat also helped kick start the development of the human brain to its present state, yet we've only had a pollution problem in very recent history which suggests an alternative main source of pollution. While I'm sure vegans and vegetarians can be healthy, many more are healthy as omnivores. So to claim that it's unhealthy with no scientific backing is quite a leap without a credible source backing your claim, which I have. So just accept the fact that not every person and animal on this planet shares your views, I don't care if you choose to eat meat or ever do, just don't shove your views in everyone's face, it makes other vegans and vegetarians look bad.

just by the fact that we have BOTH canine and molar/ bicuspid. teeth proves that were omnivores. so people can spout whatever theories they want about the human development. the proof is in our line of evolution.

103 shut up already. this is coming from a former vegan (now pescatarin). the 2 are nothing alike and your ignorance is what gives us all a bad name.