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By hairball - 22/04/2009 00:12 - United States

Today, my shower is being renovated so I washed my hair in the kitchen sink. I put my two year-old son on the counter next to me so I could keep him close. As I was rinsing out my hair, my son started playing with the light switches. He flicked the garbage disposal by accident. FML
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ok well it probably scared you, but im sure your hair wasn't down the drain.

Murphy's law: It hit you where it hurt.


Murphy's law: It hit you where it hurt.

126: yes this is very funny to say penis I am laughing like no other.... Ydi to OP tho.. Is it okay just to leave you child in his or her crib (or bring it near u) so u can just watch him?? Is that too hard??

Well girls with too much hair are overrated anyway. Nothing hotter than a bald shiny headed woman. HOT....

look whoes talkin #2 ur a man and have a full head of damn hair

ok well it probably scared you, but im sure your hair wasn't down the drain.

yah seriously ur hair would have to b down the drain for anything to happen :/

Hopefully it wasn't!!! That would be terrible

Actually truslide, you're not ichiban

okay this was somewhat funny, but fyl indeed.

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especially a dumb kid.

your mums abortion failed

^ your hot ;)

So... did your hair get caught or something? If your hair did somehow end up in the nasty garbage disposal (which sounds incredibly unlikely), then you kind of missed the point of washing hair.

okay are you f-tarded? garbage disposals are like the drain, but instead of just pipes it has blades. if she has long hair, it would go down there then slide out. her kid turned it on, her hair was down there and WHOOSH blades are on. that's how.

#7 has a good point..there's no reason at all for you to ever have your hair IN the garbage disposal when you're trying to clean it, so odds are it just scared you a little. Not really all that FML-worthy..unless you WERE putting your hair in the garbage disposal. In which case YDI and you fail at washing hair.

And your hair got torn out? you missed the important part.