By Anonymous - 21/04/2009 21:52 - United States

Today, I was at my senior dance dancing with this guy I really like. He was telling me how he likes a strong woman who's not afraid to make the first move. Empowered by what he said, I asked him out. He said no because he thinks girls shouldn't ask guys out. FML
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That doesn't even make sense.

He wanted to fuck...not to go on a date.


haha wtf...that sucks .. . first

Stiggy626 25

he meant, "try and kiss me." What's not to get?

wow. wtf...that sucks .... .. . first :)

That doesn't even make sense.

ehh... Texas people

If she would have offered a blow job he would of said yes, he was just an asshole :s

AlphaPrice 7

Texans are awesome people. This is just one slight exception

It really doesn't.

KeithHarris 0

That's so hillarious! That's such a dickface move. Well look on the bright side. He shut you down for your confidence not for your butt fat and love handles. lol jk.

#6 That's the point.

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Stiggy626 25