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Today, I was called ugly and viciously ridiculed by a couple of teenage girls. They were wearing uggs and vests that made them look like a freak-show of bleached pomeranians. FML
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AnaBanana1918 7

People these days don't understand true beauty…

saIty 17

Well tell them that, and to stop looking like they got gang banged by Crayola.


AnaBanana1918 7

People these days don't understand true beauty…

Mayjay122 7

Sooo true!

enonymous 8

5 I disagree I get many compliments of my uggs, bleached faux fur vests and corduroy pants

AnaBanana1918 7

I agree

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Since when has the Eye of the Beholder transferred or abandoned its ownership of Beauty? Why wasn't I notified?

I'm sure they were a bright shade of orange aswell- I'm finding it hard to pinpoint exactly when it became sexy to resemble a ompaloompa dressed as a hooker.- I'm sure your beautiful op and atleast you ad many others still know what actual beauty looks like.

I'd like to hear what you guys think is true beauty. For me, it's a girl who is genuine, enjoys my company, has a beautiful smile, knows how to be loved, and is mentally on par with myself. Attractiveness somewhat doesn't matter to me. I'd be lying however if I said it was out of the equation. As human beings, we can't help ourselves on that front.

lovelydarlings 6

Actually 5, there is a tasteful way to wear Uggs. When girls wear them with shorts, and in this case furry vests, it's not cute. But, I love my Uggs because they're so soft!

Damn 7 as long as those pants are a size to small I'd say your perfect

If there style was fucked up, why do you care what they think?

LePwnapple 0

Oh don't any of you guys give me that humble "true beauty" bullshit. We all know, every guy likes big knockers, pale skin, lipstick, and clothes that don't make someone look homeless. Get over yourselves, we all know what you truly think.

52 no we know what YOU like. Way to stereotype your sex and make us all look like perverts. There are very attractive girls that have asked me out but I said no merely because they were bitches.

LePwnapple 0

57, there's an easy way to cure bitchiness in women, a good backhand.

Beauty is only skin deep, those girls teased you to feel better about themselves. At the end of the day, you are who you are and that's all that matters.

#16 i think it started when Jersey Shore was aired.

Ugg boots were invented in Australia... We wear them in the cold winter... They were not meant as a fashion statement

35- there need to be more guys like you out there. Too many shallow jerks in BOTH genders.

You, sir, must not exist...because you are what I look for in a guy, and yet I have not found you. Ergo, you do not exist. By the way, thanks for being you :)

sierralovesyou 0

35- why must you be 23? More people should be like you. 109 is very right

enonymous 8

Keyman True beauty is when a girl gets you a beer without you asking and knows when football is on that I'd like chili cheese fries and that no I wouldn't like to talk about our feelings at this very moment during the 2 minute warning.

anlhawks 5


The_Troller 14

133- It's just our generation's stupidity. 90% of the girls I know are sluts and 90% of the guys I know only care about whoever shows the most skin. I, for one, can't stand them. And most of the girls are just shallow whores. TL;DR: Stupid people annoy me.

13FTW 9

There he is gals! From the "douchebag of FML" to the "heart melter of FML" iiiiiits keyman1212! Then we have enonymous for those who don't succeed with Keyman. It's legit though, he has trident layers.

Haha thanks 13FTW. Reason I'm a douche bag, is if people say vapid, insipid shit on here, I argue with them until they delete their account(happened three times so far).

Today's headline: Pomeranians are indeed viscous little bitches. Back to you Brick

Kayman- U look like u could be my English teacher's brother or something... Don't worry he's in his late 20's, u guys just look a lot alike.

fricknugget 3

i hate girls like that -_-

karleeelizabeth 0


Sprocket 5

Guess what, Novembar? You are part of "your generation." Stop being a judgemental prick based on looks alone, as you said nothing about personality, and go get a job. You should get used to living around people you don't like, because really, they don't like you either.

You are my hero.

Kayman true beauty is found when you see a girl before she puts on her make up and all the clothes. It is found when you first see a girl on the weekend she is staying at home in her warm clothes and a blanket. It is found when you are sitting with the one you love above all others

Fashion sense much? Wow!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Overused annoying phrase much? Damn!

Maybe we all have terrible fashion senses, and they're the only ones that have a great fashion sense!

Were any of them a Eskimo by any chance?

Oh my gosh! Your the ugly guy me and Brittany were telling off! Umph * flips hair. Uggs and big vest are in this year!

fadingfaith 4

^ Habbo! I used to play it all the time.

And now your life I'd f***ed because of what thee said?

saIty 17

Well tell them that, and to stop looking like they got gang banged by Crayola.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

They might not be big, but they are multiple...

RawrNom 0

I have used this before! win! and OP. even if they were beautiful, the fact that they would start on you shows how truly ugly they are really. uggs are gross. if it's got a name, they wear it, even if it makes them look like twats. oh and I love how they would never say it on their own. silly little girls. I'm 19 and would never ever think to say something like that. or hang out in a group of people wearing uggs, but that's another matter! You're beautiful OP! :)

You know why they call them uggs? Because they're so uggly.

I see what you did there. Ha

I wants tried some uggs... They were so freaking comfy I just wanted to snuggle with them... Best day of my life

Mahomie123 0

I love my uggs.. Theyre so comfy is probably the best purchase I've made in a while. mine are really beat up though so its definitely not a fashion statement

They aren't usually meant for fashion they're fir fucking warmth, ever tried a pair.? While your feet freeze in your wool socks ours are all cozy in the uggs. Try em.! :)

babegirl69 0

People that say they don't like ugg's are just mad cuz they can't afford them I love my ugg's

hotPinklipstick 24

23 You "wants" tried some uggs??? Wow... Grammar these days.

Yeah, because we hate Uggs we're poor? Can't afford them. Get the fuck over yourself. I'm not jealous of your ugly ass boots.

No 31 it's because uggs were meant for male surfers after they get out of freezing waters to help warm then but thats as far as they should go not for fashion they over priced uggly ass boots whether worn with pants shorts or skirts they are UGGLY. An no I can afford then easily no problem there I just know that they're uggly.

Alexisthebestest 16

I don't really see how they're ugly, they're just boots.

Vegeto30294 19

#31, I didn't know you knew the exact contents of everyone's bank account. Why don't you tell me about my neighborhood's bank so I can find out who's been stealing my money.

boredblonde 17

Agreed with #61. There are hundreds of different kinds of uggs. So if there was a pair of uggs that looked exactly like another brand, you all wouldn't consider them ugly? Wow. I love my uggs. Most comfortable things ever.

everyone has their own opinion. some dont like them and some do, i happen to love them, really comfy !

fadingfaith 4

Uggs are even that expensive. If I wanted I can buy some right now, but I prefer not to wear dead animal on my feet.

fadingfaith 4

*aren't :)

97, since when did they kill the sheep to get its wool?? Also, you don't own 1 PAIR of shoes made of leather??

fadingfaith 4

Uggs are made out of sheepskin so they are killed. I don't own many shoes, but most of them are vegan. BUT I know I have owned a leather shoe before...

boredblonde 17

Oxymoron, then?

sierralovesyou 0

They are ugly and comfortable. Haha warmth matters

They are soooooooooooooooo comfy. I like the slippers. They also have many varieties besides the classic ones. Some are pretty cool.

emmanizzer 6

I don't really see how they're ugly. I can see how they wouldn't be considered cute, but they're just a really simple pair of boots lined with wool (or polyester if they're the cheap knock-offs like mine). What's ugly about them?

112 your very stupid, I give up on our education system because it has cleared failed you. :( They don't kill the sheep they shave off the wool.

wow, i soopo wanna be bffs with u

koolkat27 13

theyre fucking boots! who cares if there ugly? they're just meant to keep you warm.

Victoire_W 0

I have two pairs, black and brown. I wear my uggs all fall and winter and spring. They are the best purchase ever. They were originally made for surfers in Australia in the winter.

*facepalm @112 do you know how many thousands of uggs are mass produced daily? You think the company would choose real sheepskin when fake fur would be easier to make, much cheaper, and doesn't kill any animals? I'm a guy and i know these things

chund 1

I love uggs but only cause I'm in love with boots. i feel bad for people who want them and can't afford them cause in the winter they're the reason I still have my feet. if you don't like them that's your opinion, no need to be jerks to people that do! (:

I love my uggs, but my aunt buys them for me cuz she's super rich. You just gotta love those rich aunts!!! (???)

Amorette 0

I have those too, LOVE them.!!

Amorette 0

I love my UGGs, yes some styles ARE ugly but not all UGGs are. Plus they are freaking comfy as hell. But uhh nice joke I guess.

That's not true do you're research you will see uggs are made of sheep skin and there fur. An ugg is pretty much a sheep inside out.

Uggs arnt ugly moron ur just jelous they have uggs and ur to poor to buy some.cough i have 3pairs cough

hey! i know doctor who! i watch it sometimes. okay bye.

Uh 229 a couple of things 1. Learn to fucking spell bitch 2. I hate uggs so I am too poor to buy them? Bitch please I have 10 pairs of limited edition converse plus loads of ordinary ones

boredblonde 17

beauty is on the inside...bitches!

alexnumber14 2

You got it on the inside and outside i see :)

boredblonde 17

Lol thanks

alexnumber14 2

No problem ;)

And you look like a fag with those glasses on..

boredblonde 17

no...he doesn't ;)

Excuse me don't call people fags. How rude. Douche is the word you're looking for.

boredblonde 17


they are the best boots EVER! I wear mine EVERY single day in the winter! they actually aren't ugly at all. they go good with just about everything :)

whoops! wrong comment :s sorryz

SystemofaBlink41 27

Anyone else notice the specificness of this post?

sierralovesyou 0

Aw, when ya'll get married, this would be a great story to tell your children. So sweet. (;

boredblonde 17

What specificness?

alexnumber14 2

Yeah :) lol don't be hatin she's really pretty

boredblonde 17

awwww, quit makin me blush:p

alexnumber14 2

Lol I wish there was a messaging thing on here!

Welcome to my life.

What is this? A pity party?

No, this is FML Lol you could say this about every FML posted. Good job ... Herp a derp derp

screw those idiots!!! people put others down to make themselves feel better.

Honestly don't even let it bother you. Bitches like that think they're better than they actually are. But the reason that they get guys is that their legs are open 24/7 like a mcdonald's drive-thru.

I wish our McDonald's was open 24/7, damn!

You're missing out

That's when you run them over, right? or did you cuss at them, right? Did you do something to them?????? Anything?????????? Nothing????????????????