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Today, I went on a date with a great vegan guy in my class. We went to a vegi-restaurant, I dutifully ate all the meatless dishes, but he seemed pissed about something, and other diners kept giving me angry looks. After we left, I realised I'd worn my leather jacket to the date. FML
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guckylynn 19

It's stupid though because just because you're vegan doesn't mean you hate leather. For all they know it's fake, so why would they take time out of their meal to stare at you?

zelly05 0

uhmm I'm sorry I think u deserved that..:( out of all the things u could have worn..but a leather jacket?? o.O


adriiana1019 0

it's just stupid they would be mad cuz of that..not all vegetarians hate leather

#14: I'd wager that 99% of VEGANS do. They don't even eat/drink anything with any kind of animal product in it. If they don't drink milk or eat eggs, do you REALLY think they'd be ok with leather?

who cares what vegans think...its a big fad that will die down in 10 years.

Vegans can suck it. Animals are food. If you're willing to adopt a gathering lifestyle in the jungle then you can bitch, piss and moan about leather jackets and Big Macs. Until you put down your iPhone and your eco-friendly designer glasses then you might have an opinion ya goddamn hippies

Sonfang 19

umm so it was leather...usually the rest isn't wasted. it's their lifestyle choice to be vegan, the human body is made for and omnivorous lifestyle. if they chose to go against nature so be it. lol I have had friends who are vegan and my family hunts. so he should eff off! lol

@ #20: Except OP is a man. Its probably very difficult to find a homosexual partner, let alone one that shares similar extreme vegan values.

gbchaosmaster 0

YDI for dating a Vegan... they'll be on your back about everything in their extremely unhealthy lifestyle.

I am proud to be a member of P.E.T.A. — People Eating Tasty Animals

lol^^ very nice It's a lifestyle choice and one I will respect, however, no way Im going to take part. You are robbing the body of needed proteins, lean fats, etc... not a great idea

bugmenot1 1

i smell a dumbass who thinks that the only meatless dish is still tofu.

Oscar_Wilde 0

may I say something? the vegans were angry because the op(who's a guy) went into a vegan place and defied their beliefs

You're not too bright but it's for the best. Find someone who's philosophy you share.

#154: Neither is right or wrong. It's a personal choice. I know many vegans who have deficiencies because of their diet choice. I also know other's who are heavy and would be more likely to have weight related issues than I would. You forget, meat isn't JUST red meat. Turkey and chicken can be very healthy for you. I wont apologize for wanting to go through life eating food I enjoy. We are omnivores. That means we're meant to eat vegetables AND meat. If we weren't meant to eat meat, why would we have an appendix? In other animals, the appendix is used to break down bone. We've evolved over the years and no longer use it as such, but it obviously was useful at some point. Either way is a personal choice. People aren't wrong because they eat animals. I don't tell vegans/vegetarians that their choice is wrong, just as I expect them to afford me the same respect.

Batman4890 0

this isn't agreeing with the vegans are stupid thing, but i eat meat; i have none of the problems you listed above and why would meant taste so good of we weren't meant to eat it? and plus it's red meat that is the bad one white meat like chicken doesn't give you a high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Anyway what you could have done it google famous vegans and I'm sure u would find a particularly clever vegan instead of making yourself annoying. Plus it's much simpler

I realy can't stand vegetarian shit it is soo stupid god put animals here to be eaten and the fact that op is gay makes it that much worse ydi for picking 2 very shity lifestyles.

spiderman0606 0

I love how the veggieheads are like "Screw the meateaters!" and the meatheads are like "Screw them vegan hippes!" and the meatheads religous people are like "God sent animals on Earth so we could feed them! And the OP is gay so it's worse!!" I'm sorry but I'm loving this. Ba da ba ba baaaa

what #20 said, or you could tell him it's pleather... or better yet, you should apologised fir the misunderstanding, and offer to cook him a dinner to make up for it, but slip all kinds of meat into it, discreetly, so that at least 3 different animals will have had to die for his meal

YDI this FYL for being a vegan. and making a fuss out of leather.

PsychoMerk 0

Who cares?! if u don't eat em, ok. I wear em AND eat them ;D

I love meats ;) we human raise them, so we eat them. what's the problem heh? vegetables have their "soul" too, and that's considered killing too. IDIOT!

In India, they actually have "cruelty free" leather. In a country where animals like cows are so highly revered, they actually wait until an animal dies of natural causes, and the person performs rituals to keep the process sacred for them.

Haven't you ever heard of vegan comfort food? The point I was trying to make is: It's a personal choice. Neither is right or wrong. For me, personally, a lot of the things that vegans use to flavor their food is stuff I can't stand. Onions, tomatoes and peppers are not something I can eat. I have tried them multiple times, and they still make me gag. I don't like mushrooms, eggplant, or tofu, either. I have tried them. I'm not going to eat stuff I hate and be miserable for the rest of my life just to make some people happy. It's the same as how I feel about alcohol and drugs. I get it, some people like it. Alcohol makes me sick and I hate the feeling of drugs in my system. Am I going to go through life using or drinking just because it makes SOME people happy? Just because you don't think it's right does not give you the right to tell everyone else they are wrong. I respect my vegetarian and vegan friends and try to accomodate them however I can. Just as they respect me. Most vegans that I know are fully aware that they are making an extreme decision, but it's theirs. They don't try to force such personal sacrifices on anyone else.

zelly05 0

uhmm I'm sorry I think u deserved that..:( out of all the things u could have worn..but a leather jacket?? o.O

Today I posted a comment, but because it wasn't politically correct... I was Censored! It was "moderated" then removed! This one will probably be censored also. I've seen way worse comments on here than mine, but because my comment/opinion differed from someone elses.....whatever!

Moderated? Yes. Removed? No. Homophobia violates the site rules, which you have blatantly either not read, or failed to respect. Your comment violated the commenting rules, so you have no right to complain. If you see any comments the moderators have missed, then please feel free to let us know; otherwise quit whining.

Moderated? Yes. Removed? No. Homophobia such as that in your original comment, violates the site commenting rules, which you blatantly either have not bothered to read, or deliberately ignored. If you see any other such comments that the moderators have missed, please feel free to let us know, otherwise it would be much appreciated if you stop whining.

guckylynn 19

It's stupid though because just because you're vegan doesn't mean you hate leather. For all they know it's fake, so why would they take time out of their meal to stare at you?

Vegans don't use ANY animal products- not honey, not milk, not leather. I see people get upset about calling goatsmilk soap vegan. they tend to be extemists

Agreed. For every expensive leather coat, there's a $30 fake one that looks just like it. You can totally use this to your advantage! Look at him with hurt, sad eyes like a puppy in a puppy mill, and make sure your lip quivers ever so slightly as you ask him,"Do you REALLY think I'd wear something signifying such cruelty?!" Or you could always point out that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, and that if you didn't wear it, it would go to waste.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Or, instead of lying about believing in the same things that he does, why doesn't he just tell the truth? That he isn't a vegan but he can cut down on some things if it makes him uncomfortable, one of those things just can't be the jacket

TheDaveCA 1

Agrees with #80... This is somewhere between a FYL for being interested in someone preachy and a YDI for caring what others think about you.

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JoshTheMaggot 8

well I don't think they can reproduce. OP is gay. it says he's a guy up in the corner. so maybe adoption will work.

whatchasay8389 0

well my mom went vegan, actually she only eats raw food, such as fruits and vegetables,

**** vegans you can wear all the leather you want.

TheDaveCA 1

Vegan is not the same as raw food. At least do a bit of research?

Emmmmm55 0

F U vegan r awesome just bc u got dumped by one doesn't mean we r all bad thts lk blaming the holocawst on all of the Jews

PandasRtheShit 0

Who even wears leather jackets anymore?

korn247 5

leather never goes out of style ... are you kidding me

I do, my husband, my kids, most of my friends, it's a great material - looks good adn protects from wind

"I went to a party once and saw a man with a leather jacket. I immediately thought, 'That guy is cool.' A few minutes later, another man showed up wearing a leather vest. I immediately thought, 'That guy is not cool.' I then realized that coolness is all about wearing leather sleeves."

primogen18 0

demetri martin! yes! Anyway, this is pretty stupid, you don't share the same vegan ideas he does, why should you have to constrain to them even to the point of changing your jacket to hang out or go to dinner? I mean if its the most comfy jacket you have and you wear it every day cause of that, why should he or they care?

heavyset 0

tell em to go **** a chicken he should respect ur choice of eating meat

nickforthewin 0

really that's a stupid reason to be angry I know it's his beliefs but he should understand that's not everyone elses and is he a vegan or a vegitatian

iamchuck 0
iamchuck 0

Says the girl with the odor problem.

iamchuck 0

No, it's not. I'll have to jerk store you later.

Okay, I'll admit I laughed at #13s comment. Guess the vegan girl had no problems with you eating those beef curtains.