By lovewedge - 09/03/2009 00:25 - United States

Today, I was so drunk that my friends put me to bed during a party. Later I find out that while I was passed out two of my friends came in and had sex while I was in the same bed. They tried to use me as a prop. Now my friends call me the love wedge. FML
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damn, that fucken sucks ass dude. sorry


what_the_fuhh 0

damn, that fucken sucks ass dude. sorry

and this is why ppl dont drink. you regret it. and so does your ******* ego. or the remains of it

@76 Yeah because drinking in moderation causes any of that.

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Yeah that sucks! They didn't even try to involve you in a more active manner??? ;-) I'd get checked for bugs and other things at the clinic...

Well look on the bright side, you have a story to tell your future children if you want to freak them the f*** out.

I don't think that their children will ever want to hear that story

Lol. at least you were passed out, imagine if they did it while you were concious!

then the poster would have a story to tell their future children that would freak them even more the f*** out.

oh man! that's horrible! hahaha cute nick though it made me laugh! watch, that'll be one to stick with you forever..."lovewedge". :P

yeah "love wedge", thats great. Really made me laugh.

Ummmmmm.... that's really awful and disgusting, not very funny, and if that happened to me I would seriously consider pressing charges or at least getting new friends. Am I the only one who feels this way? I'm quite baffled by the responses so far...... 0_o

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alot of people dismiss the seriousnesness and just see humor cuz it's less uncomfortable