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Today, as my mom was getting ready for a date, I told her that I think it's too early for her to date, since she divorced my dad only a week ago. She then said, "Don't worry, I'm only in it for sex." FML
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To each their own; everybody needs someone

It could be her way of coping, sadly. I'm sorry OP. .-.


It could be her way of coping, sadly. I'm sorry OP. .-.

Well we don't know the whole story, maybe OP's parents had been dealing with it for a while and still had the title, and weren't really together. Everyone has needs, she's just more open about hers,

it's not so bad imo better than crying and eating a tub of ice cream sex releases endorphins right?

To each their own; everybody needs someone

Yeah, props to the mom for knowing what she wants and going after it. Sorry it made you uncomfortable, OP, but who knows how long your mom has been waiting to get out of a bad situation and get what she needs. She still loves you! So please show love to her.

Very straightforward.

Maybe it's her way of dealing with it. Though I'm sorry as I bet that can't be easy for you as well.

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Frankly i hope whoever she's going on the date with denies her sexual advances, If the person she's going out with wants a good relationship it's going to be bad news for him

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as long as she's open and honest, whats the issue? She's doing what most guys would do.

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Why? That's kind of an asshole remark. The marriage was probably long over before the divorce was finalized. She's human. she has sexual needs. There's no need for her to pursue a serious relationship.

@47, that doesnt make it right.

I hope she's at least open about it. It would suck for some guy, whose looking to have a relationship, to waste his time going out with someone who doesn't even want one.

Just like it always suck when people want different things out of a relationship?

Why do you get to decide that certain intentions behind dating are wrong? Humans are one of few species that have sex for pleasure. Nothing wrong about seeking that through dating. The issue would be with her being upfront about it.

did you tell her to use protection at least?

Have a heart to heart talk with her and tell her how you feel.

"yeah! go get it mom!"

Yeah but she can make her own decisions when it comes to dating and sex. I mean, I'm sure it sucks a lot for the OP, but she's a grown woman.

she kinda did already which is what led to this awkward encounter.

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Eveyone has needs.

Everyone keeps saying this, but sex isn't a need it's a want. People can (and have) live without it lol.

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actually you're wrong. Sex is a need. According to Maslow it's a physiological need, at the very bottom of the pyramid (a fundamental need). Besides the obvious biological reasons of why sex is important, it's also important for people because it helps make them feel connected. Sex feels good, physically and psychologically. Sex does a lot for people. It's a very basic human function. Don't dismiss it so easily.

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@ #7, I agree with you and she is an obvious adult here so im sure she can make an educated decision. @#95, I'm so glad someone else with some common sense and education reads these.

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@OP, as someone that has been married for 19yrs & seperated now for 5yrs. Sometimes divorce takes a long time to get accomplished due to any number of reasons. Just because you may not agree with your mom's decision to date I'm absolutely sure you have made choices as her child she thought were wrong as well. I hope that no one really has to go thru a divorce because the reality is, as a parent and former partner, one of the hardest things ever. But as an adult you have come to realize that sex is or was not just a part of your relationship but it is a key part of your physical as well as mental well-being as a human.

#95 Sex was definitely meant as a form of reproduction, not as a form of entertainment or luxury. The bottom level of the hierarchy of needs is literal biological needs for continued living: Food, Water, Shelter, Reproduction. Not casual sex. However none of that really matters considering psychology is 90% theory and not concrete fact as you presented it. I'm sure there's some truth in there, like sure it makes overall life better, but intimate relationships are definitely among the higher levels. Treating sex as a need leads to people thinking they're entitled to it.

Tell that to nuns all over the world. It's not a need. It's need for reproduction, and feels great, but still, not a need. As I said, people can live without it, any many do.

108, if you really think psychology is 90% theory, you really don't know much about psychology at all.

Hey be glad that your mom is taking control of things even though it might not be the best she could do. If you think she might be struggling a lot with this as anybody else would, try to help her out and go the extra mile when you spend time with her.

It may bother you but it's not your place to tell her when to start dating again

Exactly, who knows the circumstances of the divorce either. They obviously weren't happy together. So why should she be alone and miserable? Let her find someone she can be happy with.

I don't think OP intends to do that. Just probably was confused why she moved on so quick and then shocked by the answer. Could even be factored into "did they get divorced because of me?" Sounds like her mom is being selfish. But like you said, we don't know all the details.

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How in the world is the mom being selfish?

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At leaat she had the decency to wait until the marriage was over. It's not like the mom and dad just woke up one day and was like hey let's get a divorce. She's probably moved on a while ago

It's not op's place to tell their mom when she can date, but it is their place to talk about those type of things. They're family and when they go through a tough situation like this, which effects all of them, they should be able to talk about things. Plus, as a son/daughter it is responsible of them to tell their parent if they think they're doing something that they feel is wrong and will only hurt themselves (whether drinking to much or dating too soon). I completely understand how op is thinking that it may be too soon and how their mother may only get hurt by rushing into things. It's nice of them to be able to voice their concerns to their parent. In the end it's their moms choice what to do, but they can go into it knowing how their kid feels and that their kid is concerned and loves them.