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Today, I told my mom I broke up with my boyfriend because he wanted to have sex and I wasn't ready. Her reply? "Well, you can't stay a virgin forever." FML
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She's got a point. Why would you break up with someone for that? Unless you believed in no sex till marriage and such. I dunno.

never be pressured into losing your virginity. that's how you lose it to the wrong person and love with the mistake for the rest of your life.

"love with the mistake" - funniest typo I've seen in ages!

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34 is right. save it for the right person (:

It's sex not you grandmothers perl necklace jezz. Btw tip counts... Love shlove

I don't see why you'd break up with him because of it. couldn't you just agree not to have sex and carry on with your relationship? :P

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your a dumbass, this is probably the dumbest break up excuse i have ever heard. admit it you didnt like him anyway and thats honestly why you ended it.

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Just some technical mumbo jumbo here but humans ARE capable of intimately loving more than one person in their life. It's just human nature.

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lol let me get this straight YOU broke up with HIM not the other way around?! ahah you are an idiot.

Believe it or not but some people are assholes and won't stay in a relationship if there is no sex. Even young kids. Maybe he wanted it, she didn't they got in a fight and that's why they broke up.

Well if he was trying to force it on her... Good on her for breaking up with him. :)

Idk why everyone thumbed 104 down....its so true. They all wear slutty clothes and think its hot

It's up to you, doesn't matter what anyone else says

I wouldn't have broken up with your boyfriend just because he wanted to have sex. If he repeatedly pressured you, then you end it. Your mom obviously isn't a fan of abstinence if she's encouraging you to have sex. Just my 2©ents.

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Yeah, guys want sex. That's all there is to it. Unless he was repeatedly pressuring you you shouldn't have ended it.

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Im sure that telling your mom about a guy wanting to **** you is never a good idea

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Especially when she agrees with the guy

I dont get how u guys just talk about having sex with random ppl with your parents.

I think her age would be important, here. I mean, if she is 13, her mother's reaction is kinda shocking. But if OP is something like 17-18, or more, I don't see anything wrong with her reaction. Also, #1, I can see why someone would break up for that. If she wasn't ready and her boyfriend kept on insisting, it means that he wasn't really listening to her opinion. If you're in love, you can wait. But, anyway, we have no context, so we can't tell much.

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She's right. Go suck him off and give it up to him. I bet we're going to hear a bunch of 10 or 11 year old's brag about how they already lost their virginity. We all know they didn't.

I don't understand how a 11 years old could brag about not being a virgin... It is only shocking to me. And very creepy to picture.

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Believe me, it happens. Especially when the FML talks about not being able to lose their virginity.

It doesn't work like that. You shouldn't have to force yourself to become ready, it should just happen when the time is right.

The comment of mine that is flying somewhere else used to stand here. Strange

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There's always going to be people like that. I'll write the list of crazy people on FML. 1. KaySL 2. DocBastard 3. Me 4. McMan 5. UpsideDownKayak 6. Every1luvsboners 7. Perdix (List is in random order....well, sort of...) Hmm...I feel as if I am forgetting someone...

Why are all the people on your list male? It's not fair!

Oh. Yeah, a specific date would be fine. If OP still is 8 years old. Mature people don't fixate themselves on dates, they just wait till the proper moment arrives. Till then, they could have nice chats with eachother about their expectations, feelings, blablabla. Another thing: OP does not need to force herself to become physically and emotionally ready. That's something that should come naturally. Without pressure.

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Hey...I said I had a feeling that I was missing someone. I wasn't finished writing my list yet! Let me continue...ahem... 8. Doortje 9. Snickerdoodles That's all I can think of.

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Hmm, I think there is something wrong with this comment? I can't think of it right now, but let me get back to you.

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I feel like I belong in that list, but I flip-flop around. Sometimes I'm crazy, sometimes I'm completely rational, and sometimes I'm something else entirely.

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Awww I was Just thinking of Snickerdoodles yesterday! Whatever happened to that girl? I'm guessing she got sick of the game huh? She always made me laugh! =]

Snicks, get sick of her position of Lead Grammar Nazi? Never! :P Though theoretically she's coming back when she's 18, or something like that. Though I suppose by then she might've decided it's not worth the return and it's better to just remain an FML legend...

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Then I might need to travel to Oregon and tell her to get back on here personally. Otherwise I might send KaySL on her.

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Mary did. So do nuns and some librarians and crazy cat ladies and dyed-in-the-wool lesbians. It would be interesting to know the OP's age. If she's 14, the mom is a sicko, but if she's 35, mom is seeing her prospects of becoming a grandma vaporize before her eyes.

dyed-in-the-wool lesbians are totally having better sex than you. so are the librarians. even the crazy cat ladies get more action than forty-year old guys who still live in their moms' basements (real dolls don't count).

perdix 29

Real Dolls count, that's why they are called "real!" Duh! If you invest the extra $200 for the electrically-heated pussy, it's identical to real sex (or what I have read about real sex.) I'm not saying that lesbians don't get action, but if they are strictly gay, then they technically never lose their virginity.

perdix 29

DoubleEdgedBlade, Only if they are the Real Doll brand strap-on with the electrically-heated option and the warm mayonnaise injection system.

To be fair, Mary didn't stay a virgin. Even if you belive in the magical/articifial angel insemination, I'm pretty sure that upon giving birth her hymen got pwned when a male we know as Jesus went throught there.

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perdix: you're a typical male and have no idea about lesbian sex... except what you watch on youporn while you're having "relations" with RealTrixie with her heated plastic ******... don't make assumptions about lesbians because you have no idea what you're talking about

u shouldn't have broken up with him just for that. u shouldve made a promise for a specific date to lose ur virginity so u could get physically and mentally prepared

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That's just going to lead to her worrying about it and possibly dreading it.

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That is exactly what they did in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin.