By Noname - 21/02/2009 05:41 - United States

Today, My mom walked in on me and my 2 year crush about to have sex. When she saw us she said "oh I'll just wait outside, I know it wont be long anyway." FML
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imthedude, Noname is the default.

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imthedude, Noname is the default.

i have to call bullshit on this sorry there have been way too many similar FMLs lately besides

Today, three of my friends sent me fmylife links. I already have it bookmarked. FML

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wtf there's no way that happened

Because, #18...for a lot of us here it's funny because it actually could happen and it's unfortunate that it does. People just want attention and so they make up shit where parents insult them. It's just not funny.

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agree with #11...I'd just be creeped out at how she would know that!!!