By Anonymous - United States - Merrillville
Today, I announced to my boyfriend that I'm pregnant. He immediately denied that it was his because "a childhood accident" supposedly left him sterile. He has a child from a previous relationship. FML
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  alshygirl  |  14

45-what the heck is wrong with you? Punching your girlfriend in the ovary? People just keep getting dumber
PS multiple condoms have a tendency to break more often than just one would.

  SarMarJo  |  17

Okay, I'm all down for jokes and usually I'm not very serious, but punching a girl in the stomach is not something to joke about. I was in that situation once and they caught it on camera and the guy who did it is sitting his ass in jail now. Not funny at all. I take that personally.

  tjv3  |  10

What a dirt bag. This is both an FML and a YDI. There must have been signs pointing out how big of a dirt bag he was prior to sex

  jayhawkchik  |  4

I think you meant a " paternity " test, as any pregnancy test he would take will lead to a negative result. Biological men can't get pregnant you moron!

  yahoowizard  |  16

Well, 16 claimed anyone who had a relationship with an idiot was also an idiot, and most people have had relationships with idiotic people at some point of their lives, which would make most of the world idiotic. I'm probably just over analyzing here but it's 5 AM here and it's making sense to me as of now.

  st0815  |  9

Well, it's not just about having a relationship with an idiot. Given that they had unprotected sex with each other it's fair to say that they were both being idiots.

Still genetics being what they are: while their phenotypes would belong to the idiot category, their genotype might not (exclusively). Which would point to idiocy being dominant, and leave the child with a 25% chance of being born with two sets of non-idiot genes. However if both gene sets are equally likely to become active, then the chances are back up at 50%. If one or both parents has two idiocy sets, then the chances for a born idiot would increase again - between 75% to 100% (depending on which is recessive and whether both have it). In any case: if is genetic, then the chances are at least 50%, but could be considerably more.

Of course that leaves the nature vs nurture argument - being raised by two idiots, the child's chances are pretty bleak. Then again if she gives the child up for adoption ...

  perdix  |  29

#88, nice discussion, but you omitted the part whether either or both parent was homogeneous idiot or heterogeneous idiot. This would complicate the Punnett Square.

Of course, I'm waiting for the trend to take hold where women want to procreate with really smart guys. I'd go down to the bar with my SAT scores dangling out of my pants and, bada-bing, bada-boom!

  dinorider_fml  |  4

73- If you like someones comment, there is a thumbs up button. if you love it, you can create a new account and thumbs it up again. I'm not meaning to make you feel bad, I'm just tired of the useless comments.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I don't think you should, if you get sarcasm right, not very often do you see sarcasm done right or made obvious on here apart from the big commentators. I think it's a case of people not stopping to think about what he/she has said and joining in on the thumbs down.

  Klefhomacked  |  11

I don't think she cheated. I think it's just her boyfriend trying to make up an excuse as to why it's not his child even though there's proof that he CAN have kids.